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one’s blog has had 4,556 views so far! i hope you all have enjoyed following her blog as much as i have had fun writing it. puppies are such a joy which just has to be shared. be sure to check back in every now and then. i am starting separate pages for each of the puppies as their new families send pictures. hopefully we will keep in contact as the puppies grow and i will keep getting pictures to post. in the meantime, check in at every couple of weeks – i am planning on breeding my darla to dom again this month/october (whenever she goes into season) and hopefully there will be puppies in november/december . . . and will definitely start another blog for them.  more joy!


whatever happened to my shy, quiet little girl? i spoke too soon yesterday about it being quiet in my house. poor MAZIE/VIOLET was totally bereft. she missed her brothers and sisters so much . . . she cried and cried in the puppy pen and finally went to sleep at about 1 a.m., then she woke up crying at 8 this morning. i felt so badly for her. then she got really mad at me when i gave her a bath before leaving. when dane, cindy, jillian and nathan came to bring her home with them she was so happy to see them.

dane was busy adjusting MAZIE/VIOLET’s new collar while jillian supervised.


new collar all set with her new leash attached, jillian gave MAZIE/VIOLET a new rope toy they had gotten for her while dane, cindy and nathan watched to see if she liked it.


she liked it! she picked it up and started to run with it in her mouth with jillian hanging onto the leash.


finally it was time for everyone to get in the van. jillian and nathan look so very happy, MAZIE/VIOLET hasn’t made her mind up yet.


‘okay dad, i’m ready, let’s get this show on the road!’


aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, quiet once again reigns in blandford! no more puppy wars, no more sound effects in my bedroom, no more poop to clean up . . . no more puppies. (sigh) i miss them. maybe darla will go into season real soon and i can have more puppies before thanksgiving!

first to go today was OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN. charlie took OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN outside to walk around and to get used to his new harness while jane and i went over all of the paperwork inside on the porch.


then jacqueline and quincy joined charlie outside.


mark got a chance to sit with OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN . . .DSC_0062A

but, not for long. jacqueline soon had to give OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN a hug.


paperwork all taken care of, OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN was off to his new home.


but first a final check by mark while jacqueline watches.


then it was SCHROEDER’s turn. SCHROEDER had a lot of fun chasing after reece on the porch. jane is going to have her hands full with her two boys!


jane and reece sat in the ‘way back’ with SCHROEDER while michael drove and eva sat in the front seat. SCHROEDER pee’d just before getting in the car – hope he was able to make it all of the way to long island before he has to go again. because of all of the ‘adventures’ the puppies have had up here, they usually settle down in the car . . . hope so for michael’s sake!


i felt sorry for MAZIE/VIOLET who is now all alone in the giant puppy pen. so off we went on a quick ‘adventure’ to sheepgate. i took a picture of denise, a friend of maureen’s who had stopped in to say hello to her . . . unfortunately somehow the automatic focus on my camera slipped and when i checked the screen my ‘senior eyes’ didn’t see how out of focus the picture was. did want to include it tho’, especially when our next stop was the library which had closed for the day a 1/2 hour earlier. DSC_0068

then it was back home. i put MAZIE/VIOLET back in the puppy pen when we got home. she looks so lost and forlorn . . . but tomorrow her new family is picking her up and she will start her new life!


i have grown very attached to this litter and i know exactly how MAZIE/VIOLET feels. it’s really quiet here now . . . .

have been really, really busy with puppies, poop, a visit from my son, poop, two evening appointments for me, poop, getting things ready for the puppies to leave and more . . . . . . poop.

on september 11th, FRANKLIN went for a quick last adventure here and went to say goodbye to heather at the post office. it was so hot out that heather gave FRANKLIN some water. he wasn’t thirsty . . .


still not thirsty!


then on september 12th it was a trip to the ny/ct line on i-84 where we met up with jayne and sue.


FRANKLIN snuggled right up to jayne.DSC_0040

the really good thing about this meeting place is that there is a nice pet store in the shopping center. we went inside to fit FRANKLIN for his harness and a collar. typical male, shopping is definitely not his thing; however, jayne found lots of things to get for him.


still not interested . . . .


shopping finally finished, it’s in the car and ready to go to his new home in pennsylvania. he did well on the long trip there and sat comfortably on sue’s lap. when he got home chloe and andrew were excited to have him there. a little tentative at first, but when andrew brought out all of the tp/paper towel rolls he had been saving up for FRANKLIN, FRANKLIN decided his new home was going to be fun after all.

then later on the 12th LUCY had her final adventure at the library. we went to say goodbye to dan, the librarian. she was up on the counter and started fussing right away, so i put her down on the floor . . . and she was off. i took lots of pictures which totally missed her or just got her butt. her feet hit the floor and with tail up, she was off and running. did manage to catch her in a very brief moment of quiet.


then today robert and family friend lisa came to pick LUCY up and bring her to her new home with robert, laura and young robert.


after going over all of the information, it was into the car and the drive to the bronx. lisa had puppy duty for the trip.


LUCY was busy checking out the car.


she looked a little sad once the window was closed, but she is going to have a lot of fun with her new family.


then later today kent and sue came to pick up MANGO and KIWI. things went really well when sue put harnesses on the girls. when she tried to walk them out to the car, not so much.


sue almost has them going in the same direction.


then MANGO got her leash wrapped around sue’s legs.


sue finally picked up KIWI. MANGO had other ideas and wrapped the leash around sue’s leg going the other way.


finally sue picked both of them up and got into the backseat of the car.

DSC_0059haven’t heard yet how the ride to their new home went . . . .

tomorrow SCHROEDER and OLIVER leave. and then there will be one. MAZIE will be leaving sunday. my house seems empty already.

puppies will start leaving on this thursday. this has been such a sweet litter and one has been such a great mom. i am so going to miss them. MANGO/MARCIE looks like she wants to go now. kent and sue are going to have their hands full with this little girl.


kent and sue came a little later in the day with kent’s cousin, ken, and his wife, sue, to visit with MANGO/MARCIE and KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY.  KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY absolutely adores kent . . .


and MANGO/MARCIE just adores sue. sue’s smiles just keep getting bigger and bigger.


and then dane, cindy, jillian and nathan came to visit with MAZIE/MARCIE.


MAZIE/MARCIE did really well on the leash/harness when jillian was teaching her to walk with her and she got a big hug for doing so well.


school is now in session here so mitchell comes to help me out on saturdays instead of wednesdays . . . and there goes the regular saturday errands and ‘adventures’. the belt on my lawn tractor has finally been replaced and i was able to get some ‘haying’ (the grass at this stage is way beyond mere mowing) done after puppies and dogs were taken care of while mitchell worked hard outside. at the end of the day mitchell came in to say goodbye to the puppies – he won’t see them next week because they will be leaving for their new homes!

FRANKLIN, MANGO/MARCIE and KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY (who just has to be in on everything) came over to say hello-goodbye to mitchell while MAZIE/VIOLET was jumping up to get mitchell’s attention! whatever happened to my shy little girl?


hard to believe how big these babies have gotten, of course FRANKLIN remains the biggest! but such a gentle giant. you can’t really see it in this picture (although you can kind of get a hint of it), but his hair underneath all of that brown and black is actually coming in a beautiful pale red.


usually by now the puppies have pretty much designated the litter box as their place to pee and poop and discreetly will go into it, take care of business and then join the others to play. the thinking is that by getting them used to one spot with newspaper for ‘business’ they will leave here paper trained and easier to housebreak. this litter for some reason has decided to forgo the litter box and use the puppy pen extension instead. so, thinking that maybe they would go in the litter box if it was moved over to the extension i rearranged the set up. don’t think it is going to work . . . within minutes this is what happened!









they have essentially taken all of the paper out of the box while OSCAR/CHARLIE BROWN – who used to use the litter box – uses the area outside of the box. hopefully my washing machine will make it through this coming week.

puppies are drinking about 2-1/2 quarts of water and eating about 7 cups of food a day! they are growing so fast.

MANGO/MARCIE went on a short adventure today. i finally was able to get LUCY’s poop to bring in to the vet’s office so it too can be sent off to the lab. jen just had to give MANGO/MARCIE a hug.


then a visit at sheepgate with maureen.


but first, sue and kent sent some pictures from their last visit. sue is holding MANGO/MARCIE and KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY right after they had had their feet and tummies washed. then everyone else had their feet and tummies washed. none of them seemed to mind and while no one really objected to the water, i don’t think it was their favorite thing to do.


then KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY had to pose for kent.


and just once more. most definitely daddy’s girl.


not much doing in blandford on wednesdays – library, sheepgate, vet’s office all closed. today, everything is open.

we started off at the vet’s office. in keeping with my general philosophy regarding healthcare, ‘if you don’t need it, why do it’, i don’t automatically worm my babies. so, instead of spending 50 cents per puppy for the medicine, i end up spending about $50 per puppy to have each of their poops sent to a lab to be analyzed (a copy of the lab report accompanies each puppy when they leave here). my thinking is that if even one of the puppies test positive, then i will worm them all – if not, then why do it???? so far i have never had a litter test positive.  i have been able to collect poops from 6 of the puppies (still need LUCY’s). anyway, MAZIE/VIOLET started her adventure off at the vet’s office where we saw robin and dropped off MANGO/MARCIE’s poop for testing. she looks so big in this picture.


then we were off for a visit at the library. she still takes a few minutes to get acclimated, so we sat on the counter for a bit and said hello to pamela.


when she was comfortable, i put her down on the floor. she actually went around exploring with her tail up! but every now and then she would still rest for a little while under something.


MAZIE/VIOLET definitely found a friend in pamela who got down on her hands and knees to play with her. MAZIE/VIOLET was curious . . .


but, she thought it was really neat when pamela laid down on the floor and didn’t seem all that big.


our final stop was at sheepgate, where MAZIE/VIOLET felt really comfortable and enjoyed exploring while maureen was watching over her. while busy checking out the plants her tail was a little down, but it came right back up after i took the picture.


maureen’s husband, bob, came over to the store to stand in for maureen when she had to leave for an hour. it looks like MAZIE/VIOLET wants to get back down and continue exploring. such a sweet little girl, it’s nice to see her get a little more self-confidence.


but first, have to show you where MANGO/MARCIE sleeps. she heard me lift up the top of the puppy pen and woke up, but then put her head back down and went right back to sleep.


spent yesterday trying to get caught up with things around the house after a busy weekend. before i knew it, the day was over.

SCHROEDER has a new trick – trying to jump out of the puppy pen extension. i can’t believe no one has figured out they could climb out when the top is not on.

OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN went to the library. i held him on the counter until he got acclimated – after about 30 seconds he had had enough of looking around and wanted to get down. tail up, he ran into every nook and corner of the library and greeted everyone who came in. this is garret and beth – OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN really liked garret’s shoe laces.


guin was helping john look something up. OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN had been helping them, but decided guin had it under control so he was off . . .


and went to say hello to heidi, guin’s mom.


when everybody had left, dan, the librarian, and i were kept busy chasing after OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN who has discovered electric cords and dan’s toes, both of which were apparently things to be considered for chewing. after about 1 hour at the library, i think OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN was finally ready to leave. he said goodbye to dan and picked up his leash . . . .


OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN did really well at the library this evening, his tail went up after the 30 seconds on the counter and never went down. he ran up to the people and was curious about the whole library. he just never stopped running around.

first kent and sue came to visit with MANGO/MARCIE and KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY and were joined by kent’s sister, kim, and her husband, matt. kim has a real way with the puppies, they all came over to say hello . . . except MANGO/MARCIE who was enjoying having the dog bed all to herself.


not too sure what was on the other side of the screen, but whatever it was MANGO/MARCIE and SCHROEDER and ??? were really interested in it. not too sure what the other puppy was interested in.


sue sat on the swing holding MANGO/MARCIE while kent was holding KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY.


hhmmmmm, can you guess who is going to be daddy’s little girl???


puppies went back in the puppy pen for something to eat and a quick nap.

then dane, cindy, jillian and nathan came for a visit to play with VIOLET who now has her new name – MAZIE! they were amazed at how much more confident MAZIE/VIOLET was on this visit – her tail was up the whole time.


dane was able to get a picture of everyone. the babies are growing so fast, both in size and in confidence and activity. in a week she is going to be so much bigger! a couple of MAZIE/VIOLET’s brothers and sisters were crying because they wanted to come out again and play some more. LUCY and FRANKLIN came out to play with MAZIE/VIOLET and it was quiet in the puppy pen, not so quiet on the porch.


the kids are hoping to come visit with MAZIE/VIOLET next weekend and then the following weekend she will be going home with them! this is soooooooooooo exciting!

first we stopped at the post office to see if miss molly’s official show picture came in . . . it didn’t, but rachel fell totally in love with LUCY.


then it was off to the dump. when i said i needed a picture, both vernon and tim were ready to take her, but mike reached out and got her first.


we stopped at the library so i could return a dvd i had taken out. amazing the difference between LUCY’s first visit there and today. her tail was up and she was busy exploring when i took the leash off. she did take a little break though.


she also found a book she was interested in.


we made a quick stop to say hi to maureen at sheepgate. after a few moments she started to walk around with her tail up.


LUCY has a lot more self-confidence and did really well today. so much growth, i was really proud of her. when we got home i put her down and she ran right into my bedroom and went over to her mom. brothers and sisters were happy to see her back and came over to check out all of the new smells on her. big doings in blandford this weekend. the blandford fair is on, complete with fiddlers, livestock exhibits, tractor pulls and demolition derbies. i volunteered to help park cars to benefit the white church which is owned by the blandford historical society. have to be there between 2 and 5 – hope the rain holds off. have just enough time to feed the babies their lunch and change . . . .

puppies are 9 weeks old today. so hard to imagine them as the little newborns they were just over two months ago.

it was SCHROEDER’s turn for an adventure today. we started out at sheepgate down the road to say hi to maureen. pam was a customer in the shop and just had to come out and say hello. she was very impressed with the fact that tibetans are ‘hypo-allergenic’.


i think SCHROEDER made a new friend.


when pam went back inside to continue shopping, david came over to say hello to SCHROEDER.


SCHROEDER also likes baseball – but more as a chew toy than something to chase.


after pam and david left, maureen was able to take a break. she was able to come and sit outside and i was able to get caught up on some of the town news. she also brought out a sweet potato dog treat for SCHROEDER. he wasn’t too sure what it was and had to think about it for a minute.


but, then it went right into his mouth! it tasted much better than the leaves he had been picking up.


another customer came and maureen had to go back into her shop, so off we went to the post office where they save the extra old pennysavers and grocery ads for me to use for the dogs. heather brought out a whole bunch of papers for us. SCHROEDER had to check out the box to see if there was anything in there to eat . . . .


okay, nothing to eat, time to leave mom!


back home for the midday meal. mom, OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN, MANGO/MARCIE with VIOLET standing on top of her and KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY came over to welcome SCHROEDER back home.


such a busy time here the past week or so between puppies, dog shows, visitors and life in general, it finally all caught up with me yesterday. got up, fed the babies and dogs, then mitch came to work on the yard . . . so i told him what had to be done, paid him and then went in for a nap . . . until 7 p.m. way too much excitement for a little old lady!

woke up this morning totally refreshed. KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY’s two blood tests (thyroid panel and liver function) both came back normal. her new family is coming to visit her and MANGO/MARCIE this weekend, but still wanted to give her a little adventure.

off we went to the library. first she said hello to cindy, one of the librarians.


then we put her down on the floor. it figures, the littlest one is the bravest! she showed no fear and quickly ran all over the library checking it out, getting under everyone’s feet. she was over by the children’s section and i just couldn’t help but take advantage of this photo op.


her tail is down, but not because she is afraid, more like she just doesn’t know what to make of this thing she is sitting in.


back up on the counter to see janet, the head librarian.


then she said hi to pamela, another librarian. pam showed her the dvd of ‘james and the giant peach’ . . .


but KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY was more interested in ‘now, voyager’, which just happens to be ‘one’s’ akc name (gamine now voyager).


yup, that’s the movie she wants!


such a cutie – absolutely no fear!

jayne and jon and their children, andrew and chloe came to meet FRANKLIN. the grass was a little wet from last night’s rain and i wanted to be able to bring everyone out of the puppy pen so they could meet all of the puppies. at this point the puppies are so fast and so much braver, just figured it would be best to play with them on the porch. chloe and andrew sat on the porch swing with FRANKLIN.


chloe’s smile got bigger . . .


and bigger!


FRANKLIN liked all of the attention and was very content to sit there and be held.

i brought out the other puppies and chaos ensued. jon was able to get FRANKLIN to take a break from chasing KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY (not to worry, half of the time KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY chased FRANKLIN and when she got tired of the game, she ran under the shelf where FRANKLIN had trouble going after her).


i don’t know what it is about flip-flops and this litter, but the puppies absolutely love them. somebody was able to take jayne’s flip-flop off and then ran around playing with it. what you don’t see in this picture is jayne’s flip-flop underneath all of the puppies . . . FRANKLIN, OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN and LUCY were trying to pick it up off the floor and claim it for their own. i forget who got away with it, but the others joined in the chase. when we finally took it away from them before it was totally destroyed, the puppies started playing the same ‘keep away’ game with the stuffed spider toy and the cardboard rolls from toilet paper.


the decision was made, FRANKLIN will be going to live with jayne, jon, andrew and chloe in 2-1/2 weeks. chloe looked she was real happy to have a younger ‘brother’, but i think andrew was thinking more about how he would have to keep all of his toys picked up and put away, especially when i told him that ‘if it’s on the floor, it belongs to the dog!’

jayne just had to give FRANKLIN a final hug before she left.


connie began showing and breeding tibetans about the same time i did and we have been friends ever since. she and her daughter, traci, have been following one’s blog and came to meet the babies. the grass was still a little damp and babies are starting to run just too fast to bring them all outside at once – so we sat out on the porch. just too funny, they did not slow down for a second, running every which way.

connie and traci immediately sat down on the floor to say hello to the puppies. of course the first one to be picked up was KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY.


not to be outdone by her sister, MANGO/MARCIE went over to say hello to connie while FRANKLIN was more interested in connie’s toes.


a good hug . . .


deserves to big kiss!


puppies have gotten soooo big. FRANKLIN is having trouble getting under the shelf after OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN while VIOLET is watching the whole endeavor. he eventually was able to do it and did it several times . . . he did get stuck under there once though and i had to help him get out.


connie and traci were here about an hour and a half – and couldn’t stop laughing at the puppies antics. the puppies destroyed another paper towel cardboard roll, played keep-away with the little stuffed spider, pretty much ignored the ball, stopped every now and then for a hug, and then went back to running and playing and chasing each other.

before connie and traci left, connie had to give KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY one more hug . . .


and traci had a goodbye hug for VIOLET.


now i have to go wake them all up for their dinner.

first, in three weeks VIOLET will be going to her new home with dane, cindy, jillian and nathan! such a perfect little girl for them. she had such a good time with her new family yesterday and really enjoyed playing with jillian and nathan.

other good news – miss molly got her final 2 points and is now an AKC GRAND CHAMPION. unfortunately i don’t have any pictures to share as when she is out with mark i have to stay at least one ring away from her so that i don’t distract her. will have to wait for the official photograph.

not so good news, the belt on the mowing deck for my tractor finally broke . . . grass will get to grow some more. oh well, winter is coming and soon the fields will be covered with snow.

puppies are doing well. they spent the day in their puppy pen with mom listening to the 500 sound effects, which now are quite loud. will try to take some pictures to share later – but right now am going to take a tylenol and relax for a few minutes.

oh my, where does the day go? went to the dog show today to watch miss molly. she got points today, but not enough – so in again for tomorrow, hopefully then. she still needs 2 points, we’ll see if her handler, mark, can work his magic.

dane, cindy and their two children came to visit the puppies today. jillian and nathan were playing with VIOLET’s favorite toy – the cardboard from a roll of paper towels. she was a little timid at first, but warmed up really fast and really enjoyed all of the attention. there is just something special about kids and dogs.


dad, dane, showed nathan how to hold a puppy. such a sweet little girl. nathan did a good job. will try to give VIOLET lots of ‘adventures’ so she can get used to different people and places and build a little bit more confidence, although today she did very well and had a great time with her visitors.


maybe KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY will be able to have her ‘adventure’ tomorrow. maybe the lawn/fields will be able to be mowed. maybe some of the garden weeds will be pulled. maybe not. . . .

they must have heard me at the blandford animal hospital when i left with the puppies for their appointment – all i needed were flashing blue/red lights and traffic would have parted. the babies were not happy and definitely let me know. the boys were all together in green crate and the girls were in the pink one. that’s SCHROEDER sitting next to FRANKLIN and OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN is standing behind SCHROEDER. that’s VIOLET, LUCY and KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY in the pink crate (MANGO/MARCIE is hiding in the back).


OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN was examined first by dr. hazel holman with SCHROEDER overseeing.


not sure who this is (they all have white tummies) but could be SCHROEDER. the kiss did not work – he still got the distemper vaccination.


i can’t see enough of the puppies to see who they are, but FRANKLIN and one of his sisters are really interested in what hazel is doing while two of the girls are fascinated with hazel’s shoe laces.


jen, hazel’s vet tech, came in to assist with ???


KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY and FRANKLIN really got down to business with hazel’s shoe laces.


FRANKLIN’S expression just says exactly what he is thinking.


while KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY is being examined OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN, FRANKIN and MARCIE (??) work some more on hazel’s shoe laces while VIOLET takes a little rest.


hazel breeds labrador retrievers and jen breeds basset hounds so they are used to litters playing, but they were amazed at how precocious tibetan terrier puppies are. these guys were just into everything. they acclimated really fast to the new environment and it wasn’t long before they were running all around with tails up. one of the puppies pulled the wire out of the scale so nobody could get weighed until we realized what had happened. 6 of them waited until they were on the floor in the examining room to pee and poop. there were two puppy wrestling matches complete with growling and barking. only one cried when getting the shot. hazel didn’t even try to tie her shoes until we were all done and everyone was back in the crates. KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY had more blood drawn for a thyroid panel and liver function studies. MANGO/MARCIE and OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN had blood drawn for the lab in michigan so they can add KIWIPEPPERMINT PATTY’S normal littermate values to their data base on genetic studies. more noise on the drive home. now everyone is asleep and they look so angelic – hard to believe these are the same puppies from just 1/2 hour ago.

p.s./miss molly went best of opposite at the show today . . . if she can do it again tomorrow she will have met all of the requirements and be an akc GRAND champion. my fingers are crossed.

p.p.s./oh no – on the way home i noticed that some leaves on one of my maple trees leaves have already turned color – IT’S ONLY AUGUST!

the puppies’ older half-sister is in 5 shows this week and i really wanted to see her in the ring today. so fed babies, weeded for 1/2 hour (the grass in the lawns/fields continues to grow) then off to west springfield for today’s show. miss molly showed like the champion she is and won best of opposite’ for a 5 point major! if she does the same thing tomorrow, she could be an akc GRAND champion on saturday – my fingers are crossed for luck. plan was to take KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY to the library and sheepgate after the show . . . but got home just in time to feed the babies again. then off to the market in otis to drop off herbs and tomatoes for them to sell. i only make about $15 a week during the summer – does that make me a ‘professional farmer”? i use this money in the spring to buy . . . more herb/tomato plants and some perennials. back again to feed the big dogs, babies and kitties. sometimes life just gets in the way. will try to take KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY on her adventure on saturday if the show doesn’t get in the way. should have some really good pictures tomorrow – they are scheduled for their ‘well baby’ vet visit which is always fun. i take them in two vari-kennels (hard plastic crates) and they literally scream the whole way there – better than a siren, all i need are flashing red or blue lights.

and it is OLIVER!

charlie, owen, jacqueline and mark came to day to visit with the puppies and pick their new puppy. another gorgeous day here so we all went outside.


mark got to hold OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN first while jacqueline watched.


FRANKLIN was fascinated with jacqueline’s earring . . . while OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN went off in search of the perfect stone in the driveway.


mark was fascinated with the way the boys would ‘play’ – wrestling, growling, yelping, biting, pulling, escaping, chasing – then running off together to hide under the forsythia bush with owen and charlie in hot pursuit.


when out and about or at a dog show with one of my guys, i always bring a sport bottle of water along. just makes things so much easier when the dogs need a drink. charlie thought she would try using the bottle to give the boys water. it didn’t take them long to figure out how to get a drink . . . of course after their thirst was quenched, they thought it was great fun to chew on the cap of the water bottle.


FRANKLIN still likes using a bowl for his water . . . after he drinks his fill he ‘digs’ the water out and then walks off with the bowl.


OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN discovered charlie’s flip-flop while FRANKLIN makes plans to take it away from him.


even though there is another flip-flop right there, SCHROEDER tries to take the one that OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN has,  while FRANKLIN is still waiting to make his move.


FRANKLIN finally joins in!


before they left, owen was able to give OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN a hug.


this is a picture that jacqueline took during their first visit to see the puppies . . . i think from that moment on it was always going to be OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN.

oliver-charlie brown

funny how it works – the puppies really pick their new families. OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN definitely picked his family . . . and will be leaving in 3 weeks for his new home . . .

and SCHROEDER picked his new family yesterday. SCHROEDER will be going home with jane, michael, eva and reece!

finally got a moment to take a breath and post again for today. with 7 puppies, definitely had to go to the dump this evening. MANGO/MARCIE met mike – a town health commissioner whose duties include overseeing the town transfer station/dump. michael’s wife breeds mini aussies, so he knows all about young puppies.


then gordon, one of the workers there, was holding MANGO/MARCIE and who did we meet, but our vet, hazel, who had to come over and say hello. puppies are going on friday to hazel’s office for their ‘well-baby’ visit and their first shots.


MARCIE/MANGO has definitely found a friend in gordon.


from the dump we went to the library to attend the blandford garden club monthly meeting. pat just had to hold MANGO/MARCIE . . .


until MANGO/MARCIE decided she wanted to get down and explore. i brought a leash so i would not have to get up and chase her all over the library (am saving that for her next visit there).


my friend, mary, stopped into the library after the garden club meeting was over. one of the many hats she wears is for being the blandford reporter for our local area weekly newspaper. she had just been covering a meeting at the blandford volunteer fire department where all of the volunteers decided to submit their resignations in support of their chief. don’t you just love local politics? the story also made the 11 o’clock news on the springfield nbc tv station. mary really needed a few minutes of puppy love. MANGO/MARCIE was happy to oblige. can’t wait to see what happens here next. hope there are no fires or medical emergencies in town . . . .


yesterday went for a quick trip up to northampton for some shopping and sushi and then, after feeding puppies when i got home, i took a nap – until 9 p.m. the puppies older half-sister is in shows in west springfield this week (wednesday through sunday). sunday night i was up until 2 a.m. getting out matts and was just totally exhausted on monday. last night miss molly was given a bath and ‘show groomed’ and this morning i met her handler at the blandford rest area on mass pike. i’m keeping my fingers crossed – miss molly could be an akc GRAND champion if she can win big enough this week. will try to post twice today to make up for the missing day. but, in the meantime . . .

jane and her father, don, and her son, reece, came by to see the puppies one more time before going back home to long island. puppies were even more daring today. i put a harness with a long leash on SCHROEDER to see how he would react. he kind of took it in stride; however . . . FRANKLIN and CHARLIE BROWN had to investigate and . . .


they decided the leash would be perfect for a tug of war with poor little SCHROEDER at the other end.


eventually the boys decided the leash was a great thing to chew. reece tried to console SCHROEDER.


when the harness came off after a few minutes the boys were off and running. jane and reece did an excellent job of retrieving puppies from under the forsythia bush and getting the driveway stones out of their mouths.

jane’s dad, don, held SCHROEDER during a (very) brief quiet moment . . .


and jane and reece held FRANKLIN and SCHROEDER – but not for long, SCHROEDER was more interested in the mischief that CHARLIE BROWN was getting into and FRANKLIN was ready to take off after SCHROEDER.



laura, robert and their son robert came to see the puppies today. they had to make a decision as to which puppy would be going home with them after labor day. LUCY and VIOLET came out to play.

robert sat down and held the two girls with a little help from mom.


VIOLET was more interested in what LUCY was doing than in being held by laura.


dad got a chance to hold LUCY under robert’s watchful eye. LUCY loves to have her tummy rubbed.


in the end, the decision was unanimous . . . LUCY will be going home with them in four weeks!


before they left, just for fun, we brought out CHARLIE BROWN. at first the girls played with CHARLIE BROWN, but then he went out in the driveway searching for rocks. when he got tired of that he grabbed robert’s flip-flop and ran under the forsythia bush so we couldn’t take it away from him and he wouldn’t come out.


if you look closely you can just about make him out. the blue stripe in there is the sole of the flip-flop. it took both laura and me a couple of minutes to get him out – he was having too much fun playing with his new ‘chew toy’.

jane and michael, their two children eva and reece and jane’s mom, carol, came to visit the puppies. such a gorgeous day we sat outside . . . actually we didn’t sit. puppies are real brave and we all got a work out chasing after them.

eva and carol spend a quiet moment with FRANKLIN . . . the quiet didn’t last.


reece and SCHROEDER have a quiet moment also . . . the rest of the time reece was busy chasing after SCHROEDER who found all kinds of mischief to get into.



michael and reece try to pet SCHROEDER, who has decided he wants to play with his brothers.


CHARLIE BROWN and FRANKLIN took off and jane had her hands full bringing them back. if you look closely at the bottom of the picture you can just barely see SCHROEDER at jane’s feet – he was afraid he was going to miss out on something and came over the see what was happening.


just like children when they get a nice toy and they spend all of their time playing with the box the toy came in. FRANKLIN thinks the cardboard roll from paper towels is more fun than the toy we brought outside for the boys to play with.


soon he was joined by CHARLIE BROWN and SCHROEDER, but SCHROEDER took off and reece had to chase him. by the end of the visit i was left with two pieces of soggy cardboard.


the puppies discovered the forsythia bush. we lost SCHROEDER for a few minutes and we all went looking . . . all of sudden out he popped from the forsythia. then all of the boys would run and explore under it. jane and reece had to retrieve them more than once. FRANKLIN looks like he wants to get down and continue exploring


the boys had a lot of fun and really enjoyed their visitors . . . they also drank a lot of water (playing is hard work) and pee’d a lot. the girls stayed inside (tomorrow is their day for visitors) and every now and then we could hear them crying – they wanted to come out and play too. mom also stayed inside and every now and then we would hear her barking . . . she was happy when the boys came back inside and she had checked them out to make sure they were okay. she’s a good mom.

7 weeks old today! babies are getting soooooo big!

CHARLIE BROWN went to sheepgate, a shop down the road that sells sheepskins, sheepskin slippers and items made by new england artisans. there, he met maureen, the owner.


maureen’s husband, bob, stopped in to say hi. amazing, all of the little ones in this litter do not mind being held like this – usually at least one of the puppies fights being on its back.


such a beautiful day outside, maureen, CHARLIE BROWN and i sat outside the shop on the steps. maureen had a ball in the shop and suggested that i bring it out for CHARLIE BROWN to play with . . . and he did. first he tried to pick it up and finally was able to do it by biting into the stitching on the ball.


then he discovered he could push it around using his nose . . . and i was up and running to make sure he did not follow the ball if it fell off the porch. next time he goes there it is on a leash!


all that running around . . . time for a break.


CHARLIE BROWN did really well today. his tail was up after the first few minutes and he had a good time exploring! definitely using a leash the next time he visits maureen.

busy day again – mitchell is going to be on vacation all next week so came an extra day this week to help me work on the yard. got done about 4:00, brought the puppy wash in, fed the dogs and then off to the library for a quick ‘adventure’ for LUCY.

here’s LUCY up on the counter saying hello to our part-time librarian, dan. another dog came into the library with her owner, so we stayed up on the counter until that dog left (blandford really is a dog friendly town!).


once the other dog left, i put LUCY down on the floor. the floor there is slippery and cold – something different. at first she sat down and found that if she used her front feet she could slid her butt backwards across the floor. eventually, she got up and started walking around between the stacks. she felt pretty secure – her tail is almost all of the way up.


but liked hiding under a table.


overall, LUCY did very well for her first car ride and first ‘adventure’.

puppies are now listening to cd’s with 500 different sound effects. the volume is set pretty low now and will gradually be increased. this helps immensely when they leave my super quiet house, and also gets them used to sleeping with noise.

today is FRANKLIN’S day for his first ‘adventure’. first we stopped at the local post office to ask them to save the pennysaver papers for the litter box. heather fell absolutely in love with FRANKLIN who loved being held, but was a little nervous being away from home.


we stopped at the blandford store & cafe where FRANKLIN snuggled up to kim.


then roland, the owner of the market, took a well deserved break.


i am so lucky to live in such a puppy friendly town.

each day from now on i will try to take one of the puppies on an ‘adventure’. VIOLET started the adventures off by a visit to the porter memorial library here in town. VIOLET did really well for her first ‘adventure’ out of my house. we saw my friend pat there.


i put VIOLET down on the floor and she was fascinated with my shoelaces.


then she ran over to the stacks and checked out the audiobooks.


pat came back to the house and said hello to all of the puppies. they all came running over saying ‘pick me up, pick me up’. of course, PEPPERMINT PATTY was the first one to get a hug.


then pat picked up MARCIE (who now has a new name . . . MANGO) and i picked up SCHROEDER and we went back out on the porch for a bite to eat and to watch the puppies play. MARCIE/MANGO chased SCHROEDER, then SCHROEDER chased MARCIE/MANGO, then MARCIE/MANGO chased SCHROEDER, then . . . .  it’s hard to eat when you are laughing so hard you are crying. after all that running around, they both went under the lower shelf of the potting tables and took a quick nap.


after their nap, they started all over again. after a while we put MARCIE/MANGO back into the puppy pen and brought out LUCY and CHARLIE BROWN. LUCY chased CHARLIE BROWN, CHARLIE BROWN chased LUCY, and so on. when it was time for pat to leave, we put them back . . . and there were SCHROEDER and MARCIE/MANGO sound asleep!


be sure that you saw both postings for yesterday, just so many cute photos of the girls!

today it was ‘boys day out’. my friend carolyn’s granddaughter, rachel, came to see the puppies today. carolyn owns clark, an older brother to these babies and she wanted to show rachel how tiny clark was when he was this age.

CHARLIE BROWN looks like he is enjoying being held by rachel . . .


but then went over to say hello to carolyn.


SCHROEDER and FRANKLIN got to play with both carolyn and rachel. FRANKLIN loves to have his tummy rubbed.


SCHROEDER went back inside to play with his sisters . . . and PEPPERMINT PATTY joined her other two brothers outside. up until that point, the boys stayed pretty much in our area; however, once PEPPERMINT PATTY came outside, she led them all over! the girls, in general, seem much more adventuresome than the boys at this point. FRANKLIN sat still for this picture, but you can tell he is planning where he is going to go next.

rachel had a good time playing with the puppies and is looking forward to seeing them again over labor day weekend.


kent took some really great pictures and was nice enough to share them.

here is a different perspective of sue with all four girls.


MARCIE decides to say hello . . .


then PEPPERMINT PATTY gets sue laughing.


VIOLET and LUCY discover my camera strap . . .


you had to know this was coming . . .


but teamwork is also fun . . .


MARCIE joins in! that’s me in the background – laughing.


sue’s boots were great fun – MARCIE had to check out the inside.


but PEPPERMINT PATTY stole kent’s heart . . .


and wanted to make sure he got a good picture of her.


what great fun we all had today.

absolutely beautiful day. kent and sue were planning on adding a girl to their family which includes two tt’s. so many photo ops today. LUCY had already been out on the grass, this was the first time for VIOLET, MARCIE and PEPPERMINT PATTY. all four first got a great big hug from sue.


MARCIE, VIOLET and LUCY stayed by sue . . .


while PEPPERMINT PATTY went off exploring . . .


and found a feather!


then PEPPERMINT PATTY got to try out sue’s harley. too bad the helmet was too large for her . . .


and MARCIE opted for a quick nap using sue’s boots as a pillow.


VIOLET thought sue’s boots made a better chew toy than a pillow.


VIOLET and PEPPERMINT PATTY get an extra hug from sue.


then PEPPERMINT PATTY works her wiles on kent . . .


and moves in a little closer . . .


and, finally, the kiss!DSC_0290

it worked! PEPPERMINT PATTY and one of her sisters will be going home with kent and sue in 5 weeks! such a lucky little girl.

sadly, kent and sue had to leave, but plans are made for their next visit. in the meantime, what a perfect day for a ‘bike ride’.


a whole bunch of ‘have to’s’ for me today ending with an evening at the blandford club. also a couple from becket (the parents of one of the new owners) came to see the babies and tango (a 9 month old darla & dom baby) brought his ‘parents’ for a quick visit after a day on otis reservoir. got home about 11:30 tonight (big doings in the town of blandford!), walked coby, gave the puppies their last meal for the day and fed one. (PEPPERMINT PATTY, MARCIE and VIOLET will have to wait until tomorrow to go out on the grass.)

now that the puppies have teeth, they are eating regular puppy food that has been soaked only about 2 minutes in water (no more gruel!) just to make the food a little softer. they are doing really well; but, once they have eaten their fill, i put mom in the puppy pen and they chase her until they can corner her . . . mom’s milk is still their favorite. poor one being chased by 7 puppies with no chance for an escape – i feel so badly for her, but it is really funny to watch.

when i feed them i close the door to the puppy pen in the hopes that they will use the ‘litter box’ because it is so close. for the most part it seems to be working. there are very few messes. however, when they come out of the ‘litter box’ they somehow get the shredded paper wrapped around their necks or their tails and the paper ends up all over . . . and then they think it is okay to pee or poop wherever there is paper. i have to constantly pick up the loose pieces of paper and put them back in the ‘litter box’.

i try to put PEPPERMINT PATTY off to one side so she can get to her food and not really have to fight for it.

DSC_0265 puppies eating

speaking of PEPPERMINT PATTY, her test results for the pituitary growth hormone came back really low normal . . . vet has been away and we have to decide what tests to run next. i am thinking liver and thyroid tests are next; but, will get together with the vet on monday and figure out a plan. PATTY is just such a cutie.

6 weeks old today!

nadine came over for her first visit with the puppies. we had a really nice visit, of course the stars of the visit were the puppies! i introduced her to PEPPERMINT PATTY first, who totally won nadine’s heart.


a little cuddling with nadine


and then a peek over nadine’s arm


and then one last moment with nadine.


next it was MARCIE’S turn on the table.


with a little work, nadine was able to get her to stand still for a picture.


VIOLET took some more work.


and when we put her down on the floor she went and ‘hid’ under the chair. her thinking is that if i don’t see you, you can’t see me!


last was LUCY who got right down to business.


everybody, including the boys, then went out to the porch. they played so hard that VIOLET and FRANKLIN laid down for a nap.


notice the tail positions when the puppies checked out something new in the following pictures. once they have decided the ‘new thing’ was okay, the tails came back up over their backs.

i brought CHARLIE and LUCY out on the lawn and set them down. CHARLIE was first to get up and explore.

DSC_0235 l-c outdoors 2

once CHARLIE was comfortable, he started to explore.

DSC_0234 l-c outdoors 1

then LUCY decided to explore.

DSC_0236 l-c outdoors 3

CHARLIE decided my shoes were very interesting.

DSC_0237 l-c outdoors 4

LUCY got really brave and walked away from her brother.

DSC_0242 l-c outdoors 5

CHARLIE found out it was fun to roll around in the grass while LUCY was more interested in getting back to the flowers.

DSC_0245 l-c outdoors 6

the babies sat quietly . . . it lasted about 20 seconds . . . and then they were off – in two different directions!

DSC_0247 l-c outdoors 7

at 12:30 last night one’s little blog had it’s 3,000th view! i have so much fun doing this blog for her, i am thrilled that you are enjoying it as much as i do. puppies are so much fun. it is amazing how fast they grow and i love being able to share all of their growth and their experiences with you. just think, they were born just under 6 weeks ago and already they have teeth and are running around and playing with each other. my hope is that this blog brings a smile to your face at least once a day. everyone deserves a little ‘puppy love’ in their life!

mitchell came to help me with the yard work today and i got to cut the grass along the driveway! when we took a break i brought SCHROEDER and FRANKLIN out to introduce them to grass. no leashes at this point, but in a week or so they will have to be on a leash when outside – they will be able to run faster than me – but for now they are not that quick.

SCHROEDER looks a little nervous . . .

DSC_0223 s-f outdoors 1

then climbs up higher on mitchell for a final snuggle . . .

DSC_0224 s-f outdoors 2

okay, ‘i think i can do this’ . . .

DSC_0228 s-f outdoors 4

‘just a little more’ . . .

DSC_0229 s-f outdoors 5

‘what a brave boy am i’

DSC_0231 s-f outdoors 6

meanwhile, FRANKLIN has been sitting on my lap watching his brother. he went over to see mitchell and his brother, but he is still not too sure about this thing called grass (notice his tail is only half up whereas SCHROEDER’s tail is high over his back).

DSC_0232 s-f outdoors 7

i took SCHROEDER back inside whereupon VIOLET, CHARLIE BROWN and LUCY came running over to check out the new smells that SCHROEDER brought in with him. when i went back outside to get FRANKLIN, it looked as if he had at least made peace with the grass.

DSC_0233 s-f outdoors 8

so many neat adventures to come for the babies!

still recuperating from my son’s visit and still haven’t cut the lawn by the driveway, maybe tomorrow  . . .  but did get to set up the puppy pen’s new room. i am always curious to see who the first puppy in the litter is to explore the new area. no sooner did i open the door and this time it was CHARLIE BROWN! LUCY soon joined him and PEPPERMINT PATTY got ready to go into the new area.

DSC_0218 extension 1

MARCIE and FRANKLIN were more interested in wrestling each other, but eventually the wrestling moved over the edge of the original 4 x 4 and MARCIE tumbled into the new area.

DSC_0219 extension 2

FRANKLIN then made the big step.

DSC_0220 extension 3

SCHROEDER joined his brothers and sisters .  .  . but VIOLET preferred to stay in the litter box and think about this big change. . .

DSC_0222 extension 4 but she eventually joined everyone. then i got in and joined them all. surrounded by puppies . . . does life get any better?

my nice easy life (even with the puppies) all of a sudden gets really complicated when my son comes for a visit. i think his main purpose in visiting is to get me off my ‘mountain’. actually since puppies have just started to be weaned, mom was able to step up and see to the babies while we were out. i so enjoy when my son can take time off from work, i really am not complaining – it’s just that by the time i finished feeding all of the dogs, taking care of the puppies and spending time with him last night, it was 11 p.m. and i was exhausted and missed doing a posting to one’s blog. today my son brought in all of the parts for the puppies’ puppy pen extension and the plan was to do two postings today – i was going set up the extension and take some pictures and then i was going to mow the lawn on the side of house and take a picture of a puppy’s introduction to grass. it was a really good plan, but first we were going to run up to the outlets in lee . . . perhaps i can do the two postings tomorrow . . . i did, however, get a quick picture of my son with SCHROEDER.

DSC_0215 schroeder and frank

but, first, last night FRANKLIN climbed up on a toy and was getting ready to sleep. so far they haven’t realized that if they climb up on a toy or the side of the ‘litter box’ or even each other they would be able to get out of the puppy pen . . . just in case, i now keep the top on the puppy pen at all times.

DSC_0207 franklin sleeping

today, the puppies had some special visitors. sam and william and their mom and dad are staying at the baird tavern bed & breakfast here in blandford which is owned by my friend carolyn. clark, who is like the official greeter/mascot of the baird tavern, loves to play with sam and william when they are there. the boys wanted to meet clark’s younger brothers and sisters.

sam is on the left with MARCIE and william is on the right with FRANKLIN.

DSC_0211 sam and william 3

these puppies love to be held in just about any position (must be those super dog exercises). how great for the puppies’ socialization to get used to different people and to be handled in different ways. MARCIE just loved all of the attention from sam while SCHROEDER is waiting for his turn.

DSC_0212 sam and william 4

MARCIE then went over to say hello to william.

DSC_0208 sam and william 1

boys and balls seem to go together. william is rolling the smaller ball to FRANKLIN who is all ready to pounce on it while VIOLET is just sitting there thinking about what mischief she can get into next . . . .

DSC_0209 sam and william 2

the puppies were sad to see the boys leave (they definitely wanted the fun to continue and were crying when they were put back in the puppy pen), but after a quick lunch, they all settled down for a nap. aaaaahhhhh, quiet is a good thing.

will add the extension this weekend, puppies are getting so big they need more room to play. meanwhile, they are busy planning their great escape from the 4 x 4. not really too sure who they are from this angle, but i think this is SCHROEDER and LUCY thinking about getting out.

DSC_0203 great escape 2

SCHROEDER tries again, this time on his own.

DSC_0205 great escape 4

maybe the corner of the pen will be easier.

DSC_0202 great escape 1

then CHARLIE BROWN tries.

DSC_0204 great escape 3

most of the day i am able to keep the puppy pen clean by just changing some of the bedding or adding more shredded paper to the ‘litter box’ . . . but at least once a day the whole puppy area gets a thorough scrub down. in order to accomplish this without mom ‘supervising’ and the puppies ‘helping’, mom and the puppies are put in the 3 x 3. most of the puppies don’t mind the move and their brief stay in the 3 x 3 . . . however, this time LUCY let me know in no uncertain terms that she was not happy with the change. it won’t be long before she (and the others) realize they can climb out of the puppy pens. fortunately the puppy pens come equipped with tops!

DSC_0201 lucy cleaning time

haven’t checked in a couple of days and surprise! the puppies all have teeth! poor one, at least now weaning will start in earnest.

thought i would show FRANKLIN his mother’s blog. he seemed pretty interested in looking at yesterday’s posting with his sister, VIOLET and my friend, mary.

DSC_0200 franklin pc - 2

i will have to show him his picture later. wonder what he is thinking . . . .

DSC_0194 frankin pc - 1

PEPPERMINT PATTY went to dr. holman’s this morning to have her blood drawn to be sent to michigan. we stopped at the post office and then town hall to pay taxes. then picked up my friend mary so we could go grocery shopping. PEPPERMINT PATTY joined her brothers and sisters. mary was introduced to the puppies and VIOLET came out with her into the kitchen while i got everything together. at first VIOLET was a little nervous, but then her curiosity took over and she was busy checking out her new surroundings.

DSC_0189 violet maryk 2DSC_0188 violet maryk










then mary and i took off to go shopping. the bad news about living here is that everything is a 1/2 hour away and we tend to save up errands to do all in one trip. so the trip for grocery shopping ended up including two hardware stores and a moment to look at two scarecrows in a field along rte. 23. the good news about living up here is we are 1/2 hour from everything!

the babies are eating a cup of dog food 2 to 3 times a day. the food is still put through the food processor, but with a lot less water. next week weaning begins in earnest, for now it is just as a supplement to mom’s milk.

DSC_0187 puppies eating

while here, kent got some great pictures and sent some of them to me. thought i would share. tibetans’ tails are a great indicator of what they are feeling, when they are unsure of anything (or sick) they drop their tails from over their back. at first LUCY was not too sure about being out on the porch. VIOLET and PEPPERMINT PATTY seem to be waiting to see if LUCY decides everything is okay.


PEPPERMINT PATTY struck a pose for kent . . .


but then joined FRANKLIN and VIOLET over by me.

not to be outdone by her little sister, MARCIE really stole ‘sunday’s show’, first going over to sue.


remember this picture from yesterday’s posting . . . here it is again with the view from kent’s camera.

DSC_0185 kent marcie    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

i love when people come to see the puppies. socialization is so important to their development and their success as members of their new families . . . and the puppies seem to really enjoy all of the attention. today sue and kent came to see the puppies.

this is sue holding LUCY. tibetans’ eyes are just so expressive, you can almost see what LUCY is thinking.

DSC_0178 sue lucy

and this is kent sitting on the other swing with MARCIE.

DSC_0179 kent marcie

wasn’t long before kent got down on the floor and was playing with the puppies. MARCIE was fascinated with kent’s camera. kent got a really good picture of MARCIE.

DSC_0185 kent marcie

MARCIE then had fun playing with a ball. the puppies are starting to play with their toys and we get brief moments when a bunch of them get together and we get ‘puppy wars’ complete with sound effects (growling and barking).

DSC_0182 marcie and ball

after playing a little, FRANKLIN and PEPPERMINT PATTY decided to take a quick nap. PATTY has an appointment with the vet for a special blood test for her pituitary growth hormone levels which the lab does only on wednesdays. the vet will pack her blood in ice and fedex it to the lab on tuesday so the lab will have it on wednesday. in this picture you can really see the difference in size. otherwise, PATTY is doing really well, she is perhaps the most active of all of the puppies and eats just as much as her brothers and sisters. she is just so precious!

DSC_0184 franklin patty

the puppies still sleep a lot during the day (and fortunately during the night). they are, after all, still babies. sue and kent are already making plans for their next visit in two weeks – they are going to be amazed when they come again at how much the puppies will have grown and how active they are going to be.

last night i set up the water bottle in the puppy pen – since puppies are eating real food (still put through the food processor – no teeth yet), they need to get water on their own. by this afternoon they all figured out how to use it. i have found that if i use a bowl or a bucket they end up playing or peeing and pooping in it – not a good thing.

SCHROEDER does sleep in the strangest positions.

DSC_0169 schroeder water bottle

and he can sleep through just about anything. CHARLIE BROWN and LUCY decided to play and SCHROEDER didn’t bat an eye.

DSC_0167 schroeder sleeps while

jacqueline and her family came to see the puppies and we went out on the porch. this is mark and jacqueline holding FRANKLIN and VIOLET.

DSC_0171 mark jacqueline

owen and charlie sat in the other swing with SCHROEDER and MARCIE.

DSC_0170 owen charlie

most of the puppies hadn’t been out on the porch, but they seemed so comfortable that i brought out the others and we put them all on the floor. a new ‘adventure’ for the puppies – an entirely different surface for them to walk on. owen and charlie joined the puppies on the floor . . . .

DSC_0173 owen charlie floor

when they all settled down for a quick nap, PEPPERMINT PATTY found a neat place to be . . . under jacqueline’s legs.

DSC_0175 pp hiding

puppies woke up and played a little more, then jacqueline and her family had to leave – so puppies were all put back into the puppy pen . . . for another nap. MARCIE likes to sleep in the corner too. i am fascinated with their unique sleep positions.

DSC_0177 marcie in a corner

i am always amazed at the various positions the babies are in when asleep. here’s SCHROEDER with his head up in a corner again.


MARCIE and CHARLIE BROWN opted to nap in the puppy bowl while PEPPERMINT PATTY sleeps just outside of the bowl. VIOLET and FRANKLIN used this time to play.


later on in the afternoon my friend carolyn came by to see the puppies. here she is with PEPPERMINT PATTY.


after mom and babies had dinner this evening, LUCY, MARCIE, VIOLET and FRANKLIN settled in with (and on) mom for a nap. notice how mom has the bedding up covering her tummy, indicating the ‘the kitchen is closed’. babies don’t have teeth yet, but i can feel them just under their gums.


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