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no real drop in temperature, no real frenetic nesting – thought i was in for another sleepness night with one pacing in the puppy pen. just as i was ready to try to go to sleep, there was this little puppy cry coming from the puppy pen! here are the details.

#1 at 12:10 am – sable/white girl 7.6 oz.

#2 at 01:01 am – sable/white girl 7.8 oz.

#3 at 01:21  am – sable/white boy 9.0 oz.

#4 at 01:58  am – sable/white boy 9.6 oz.

#5 at 02:10 am – sable/white girl 7.6 oz.

#6 at 02:40 am – sable/white girl 7.6 oz.


#7 at 03:01  am – tricolor (??? the black may turn sable/white, will know better in a couple of days) boy 9.8 oz.




after the first little girl was born, my friend elaine braved a treacherous thunderstorm and came over once again to ‘assist’ in the delivery.  while i take care of the newborns, she sees to the mom and makes sure that mom is okay. thank goodness for good friends. this is elaine giving ‘one’ one of her babies back before the next baby is delivered.


and now to sleep for me!



    • Sue & Kent....Gunner & Dozer
    • Posted June 28, 2013 at 5:45 am
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    Congratulations…..happy all is well…. Very excited…..

  1. One looks happy and wonderful. The adorable puppies are here!!!!

  2. Congratulations! Georgie will be celebrating his new nieces and nephews by getting an extra special treat this a.m.! Hope you can get some sleep soon! Looking forward to following motherhood and puppyhood!

  3. Beautiful puppies…glad everyone is well…very excited!

  4. yay!! congrats!!! amazing!!!

  5. What fun! Humor will enjoy when I let her know!!

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