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in the beginning the puppies get weighed once a day to make sure that they are doing well and getting enough milk. everybody but one little girl has gained weight – with the boys each gaining a full ounce. i think the boys are making it hard for the girls to get their share. the one little girl is now getting some alone time with mom and me on my bed so she can’t be pushed off the nipple. i think she will be fine with the added nourishment.

i have pretty much decided on the ‘theme’ for this litter. see how soon you can guess what it is. this is FRANKLIN getting weighed.

2013 one dom day 2

answer to yesterday’s question: frankin is on the left with his butt sticking the farthest out. the other two boys are on the far right.



  1. Presidents? He’s too cute!

  2. independence

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