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still keeping my bed room warm for the babies. this is schroeder curled up next to a thermometer – it really does say 86 degrees!


mom is still listening to tibetan music and chants by tibetan monks. babies are gaining weight – one of the boys is now over 1 lb. good news, the little girl (not marcie) has gained .8 oz., hopefully she will continue to gain weight. will keep doing the alone time with mom at least 4 times a day. franklin’s black hair looks like it may end up being sable . . . .

three people have correctly guessed the ‘theme’ for the names for this litter. ‘schroeder’ should give a decent hint. from here on it should get really easy.



  1. The photos are truly moving. Such beautiful puppies! Hardly bigger than peanuts.
    Mama(s) should be very proud.

  2. amazing!! Cant wait to see the rest of the gang!!!!

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