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ONE and i are having a disagreement over the bedding for the puppies. i use special bedding that is made in england and i can only find to buy in canada. much better than fleece – this product wicks moisture away from the top and is totally washable. it gives the puppies good traction when they start to walk – newspaper is just too slick for them to get a good grip, plus if they do pee on it, they end up all wet. that having been said now that the babies are escaping from the ‘litter box’ i have the bedding covering the entire puppy pen. one keeps moving the bedding around so that most of the outside of the ‘litter box’ is not covered. i try to explain to her that the plastic floor is slippery and the puppies will develop ‘swimmers’ syndrome (a condition where they never learn to walk and end up using a ‘swimming’ motion to move around). i swear this dog totally understands what i am saying . . . but as soon as i leave the room the bedding is all bunched up again. the bedding works . . . the puppies are moving around and while not strictly walking, their tummies are up off the floor and they are trying to take a few steps. ‘the book’ says ‘at three weeks of age the puppies begin to take a few wobbly steps’. these guys are just 10 days old! one of the benefits of having the puppies out of the ‘litter box’ is that they don’t all eat at the same time so everyone gets to eat at their own pace and everyone seems to be getting their fair share.

this is ONE with the bedding all bunched up. that is CHARLIE BROWN (am thinking of renaming him CHARLIE BEIGE – he has really lightened up), PEPPERMINT PATTY and SCHROEDER having lunch. LUCY is just kind of doing her own thing and that is MARCIE still in the ‘litter box’. right now everybody has escaped and the toys have been moved out of the ‘litter box’ for the puppies to climb over and snuggle up to. ONE will be able to use the ‘litter box’ for her escape for about a week – once the puppies start eating real food, they will be big enough to climb back in and use the ‘litter box’ as a . . . ‘litter box’!



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  1. one sounds like she has a mind of her own!!! puppies are so cute!!

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