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i was just asked a question about the hip testing on the parents. i think in the future i will include these links when i first ‘introduce’ the parents. but for now, here are the links for the results of all of tests performed on dom and one as listed on the ofa (orthopedic foundation for animals) web site.

for dom:  satin drinking the stars

for one:  gamine now voyager

for hips, the first letter in the ofa# represents the rating of the hips (e=excellent, g=good, f=fair) and the second letter stands for the sex of the dog (m=male, f=female). both parents of this litter are rated ‘good’.

you can see from these results that both parents have had their annual eye examinations (cerf) within the past year with normal findings and no negative findings.

the dna testing results are clear for both parents for the diseases tested for.

will do the normal posting on the puppies a little later today, but did want to reinforce my dedication to producing healthy puppies.


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