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finally got a picture of one of the babies ‘walking’! FRANKLIN was the only one up and moving when i went to take the pictures – everyone else was either eating or sleeping. here he is on his way to lunch, climbing over VIOLET who slept through the whole thing. you can see he is actually standing up.

DSC_0094 franklin walking 1

almost there – that’s mom to his left. his eyes aren’t open yet, but he seems to get where he wants to in spite of this. the walk is still wobbly, but he is definitely walking.

DSC_0095 franklin walking 2

PEPPERMINT PATTY’S eyes are open! everyone’s eyes should be open the next day or two. such an exciting time – something new every day.


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  1. Wow!!’ it’s unbelievable that in such little time they are progressing so much!! Truly amazing!!!!

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