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mom is now eating 3 times her normal amount of food with 1/4 cup to 1/2 of yoghurt a day. will have to start the babies on puppy food and yoghurt soon so mom can get a little bit of a break. she’ll keep feeding them, but not as much.

puppies have completed their ‘super dog’ exercises! the exercises only go from day 3 to day 16. they are all up walking around the puppy pen. tomorrow i get to cut their toe nails.

i love how the babies fall asleep with all four feet up in the air. SCHROEDER (top of the picture) and LUCY (bottom of the picture) look just so relaxed and content.

DSC_0110 schroeder lucy



  1. they are getting so big!! I love watching them grow!!!

  2. Absolutely adorable!

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