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first time with real food! clockwise starting at top left: FRANKLIN, LUCY, MARCIE, CHARLIE BROWN, VIOLET, SCHROEDER and PEPPERMINT PATTY. although always among the first to do anything developmentally, PATTY is just not gaining weight – hopefully the puppy food will make a difference.


VIOLET decided she wanted to get up close and personal with the food while MARCIE on the top left does a nice job wearing the food and CHARLIE BROWN is busy licking the food off of his feet!


when the puppies started to lose interest, mom joined them and helped finish off the food.


puppies decided the puppy bowl was a great place to play!


tomorrow when they finish eating they get put in the ‘litter box’ which is now full of shredded newspaper. hopefully they will get the idea that this is where they are supposed to pee and poop.


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  1. The puppies are so cute! Hope the puppy food makes the difference for Patty and she starts to gain weight.

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