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i had to get up in the middle of the night. one was trying to stay asleep, but the babies stirred when i turned the light on. MARCIE was originally sleeping on top of one’s head, but moved before i could get the camera set up. just had to take a picture . . . .


it’s official, now that the babies are eating ‘real food’, mom is not cleaning up after them. i will probably end up doing 2 loads of wash a day, and then when the additional 4 x 4′ extension is set up it will be more like 4 loads of wash a day. worse than doing diapers! the middle of my last litter my old washing machine just up and died. hopefully this one will make it through. while i change the bedding, i put the babies in the cleaned out ‘litter box’ . . . and they all fell asleep! can you figure out who is whom?




  1. Our guess…. Franklin at 9 o’clock, peppermint patty smooshed in near 3 o’clock, Charlie Brown at 7 o’clock and Schroeder at 5 o’clock — The other three light colored girls all look alike to us! They are all so cute!!!

  2. Sorry to hear you are up in the middle of the night!!! The photos are absolutely adorable! Hopefully you can sneak in a nap during the day?!?!?

  3. you are working so hard and it is much appreciated!!! They are so adorable!!!

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