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after mom and babies had dinner this evening, LUCY, MARCIE, VIOLET and FRANKLIN settled in with (and on) mom for a nap. notice how mom has the bedding up covering her tummy, indicating the ‘the kitchen is closed’. babies don’t have teeth yet, but i can feel them just under their gums.



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  1. So One arranges the bedding in that way? That is so interesting and smart! When in an earlier post you mentioned the “disagreement” you were having with One about the arrangement of her bedding, I totally related. Georgie has very strong preferences regarding where he lays his head — whether it is the rug in the bathroom, the pillows on the couch, the mat in the car, or the placement of his dog bed in a room — and he will not settle in until he arranges it “just so.” As always, these Tibetans are a constant source of amazement and amusement!

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