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last night i set up the water bottle in the puppy pen – since puppies are eating real food (still put through the food processor – no teeth yet), they need to get water on their own. by this afternoon they all figured out how to use it. i have found that if i use a bowl or a bucket they end up playing or peeing and pooping in it – not a good thing.

SCHROEDER does sleep in the strangest positions.

DSC_0169 schroeder water bottle

and he can sleep through just about anything. CHARLIE BROWN and LUCY decided to play and SCHROEDER didn’t bat an eye.

DSC_0167 schroeder sleeps while

jacqueline and her family came to see the puppies and we went out on the porch. this is mark and jacqueline holding FRANKLIN and VIOLET.

DSC_0171 mark jacqueline

owen and charlie sat in the other swing with SCHROEDER and MARCIE.

DSC_0170 owen charlie

most of the puppies hadn’t been out on the porch, but they seemed so comfortable that i brought out the others and we put them all on the floor. a new ‘adventure’ for the puppies – an entirely different surface for them to walk on. owen and charlie joined the puppies on the floor . . . .

DSC_0173 owen charlie floor

when they all settled down for a quick nap, PEPPERMINT PATTY found a neat place to be . . . under jacqueline’s legs.

DSC_0175 pp hiding

puppies woke up and played a little more, then jacqueline and her family had to leave – so puppies were all put back into the puppy pen . . . for another nap. MARCIE likes to sleep in the corner too. i am fascinated with their unique sleep positions.

DSC_0177 marcie in a corner



  1. omg they are so cute!! cant wait to meet them!!

  2. Carol, Thank you for having us! You are doing such a great job! We had so much fun with all of the darling puppies – and One too. Charlotte can’t wait to come back – that’s all she talks about!!! Lol!

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