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i love when people come to see the puppies. socialization is so important to their development and their success as members of their new families . . . and the puppies seem to really enjoy all of the attention. today sue and kent came to see the puppies.

this is sue holding LUCY. tibetans’ eyes are just so expressive, you can almost see what LUCY is thinking.

DSC_0178 sue lucy

and this is kent sitting on the other swing with MARCIE.

DSC_0179 kent marcie

wasn’t long before kent got down on the floor and was playing with the puppies. MARCIE was fascinated with kent’s camera. kent got a really good picture of MARCIE.

DSC_0185 kent marcie

MARCIE then had fun playing with a ball. the puppies are starting to play with their toys and we get brief moments when a bunch of them get together and we get ‘puppy wars’ complete with sound effects (growling and barking).

DSC_0182 marcie and ball

after playing a little, FRANKLIN and PEPPERMINT PATTY decided to take a quick nap. PATTY has an appointment with the vet for a special blood test for her pituitary growth hormone levels which the lab does only on wednesdays. the vet will pack her blood in ice and fedex it to the lab on tuesday so the lab will have it on wednesday. in this picture you can really see the difference in size. otherwise, PATTY is doing really well, she is perhaps the most active of all of the puppies and eats just as much as her brothers and sisters. she is just so precious!

DSC_0184 franklin patty

the puppies still sleep a lot during the day (and fortunately during the night). they are, after all, still babies. sue and kent are already making plans for their next visit in two weeks – they are going to be amazed when they come again at how much the puppies will have grown and how active they are going to be.



    • Sue & Kent....Gunner & Dozer
    • Posted July 28, 2013 at 7:49 pm
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    So enjoyed our visit…..they are all beautiful…….

  1. Thank you for the nice time with you and all the pups… I will send more pics from today


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