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PEPPERMINT PATTY went to dr. holman’s this morning to have her blood drawn to be sent to michigan. we stopped at the post office and then town hall to pay taxes. then picked up my friend mary so we could go grocery shopping. PEPPERMINT PATTY joined her brothers and sisters. mary was introduced to the puppies and VIOLET came out with her into the kitchen while i got everything together. at first VIOLET was a little nervous, but then her curiosity took over and she was busy checking out her new surroundings.

DSC_0189 violet maryk 2DSC_0188 violet maryk










then mary and i took off to go shopping. the bad news about living here is that everything is a 1/2 hour away and we tend to save up errands to do all in one trip. so the trip for grocery shopping ended up including two hardware stores and a moment to look at two scarecrows in a field along rte. 23. the good news about living up here is we are 1/2 hour from everything!


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  1. violet is precious!!!!

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