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but, first, last night FRANKLIN climbed up on a toy and was getting ready to sleep. so far they haven’t realized that if they climb up on a toy or the side of the ‘litter box’ or even each other they would be able to get out of the puppy pen . . . just in case, i now keep the top on the puppy pen at all times.

DSC_0207 franklin sleeping

today, the puppies had some special visitors. sam and william and their mom and dad are staying at the baird tavern bed & breakfast here in blandford which is owned by my friend carolyn. clark, who is like the official greeter/mascot of the baird tavern, loves to play with sam and william when they are there. the boys wanted to meet clark’s younger brothers and sisters.

sam is on the left with MARCIE and william is on the right with FRANKLIN.

DSC_0211 sam and william 3

these puppies love to be held in just about any position (must be those super dog exercises). how great for the puppies’ socialization to get used to different people and to be handled in different ways. MARCIE just loved all of the attention from sam while SCHROEDER is waiting for his turn.

DSC_0212 sam and william 4

MARCIE then went over to say hello to william.

DSC_0208 sam and william 1

boys and balls seem to go together. william is rolling the smaller ball to FRANKLIN who is all ready to pounce on it while VIOLET is just sitting there thinking about what mischief she can get into next . . . .

DSC_0209 sam and william 2

the puppies were sad to see the boys leave (they definitely wanted the fun to continue and were crying when they were put back in the puppy pen), but after a quick lunch, they all settled down for a nap. aaaaahhhhh, quiet is a good thing.


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  1. We can’t wait to play with them!!! So cute!!! Xoxo

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