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my nice easy life (even with the puppies) all of a sudden gets really complicated when my son comes for a visit. i think his main purpose in visiting is to get me off my ‘mountain’. actually since puppies have just started to be weaned, mom was able to step up and see to the babies while we were out. i so enjoy when my son can take time off from work, i really am not complaining – it’s just that by the time i finished feeding all of the dogs, taking care of the puppies and spending time with him last night, it was 11 p.m. and i was exhausted and missed doing a posting to one’s blog. today my son brought in all of the parts for the puppies’ puppy pen extension and the plan was to do two postings today – i was going set up the extension and take some pictures and then i was going to mow the lawn on the side of house and take a picture of a puppy’s introduction to grass. it was a really good plan, but first we were going to run up to the outlets in lee . . . perhaps i can do the two postings tomorrow . . . i did, however, get a quick picture of my son with SCHROEDER.

DSC_0215 schroeder and frank


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