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still recuperating from my son’s visit and still haven’t cut the lawn by the driveway, maybe tomorrow  . . .  but did get to set up the puppy pen’s new room. i am always curious to see who the first puppy in the litter is to explore the new area. no sooner did i open the door and this time it was CHARLIE BROWN! LUCY soon joined him and PEPPERMINT PATTY got ready to go into the new area.

DSC_0218 extension 1

MARCIE and FRANKLIN were more interested in wrestling each other, but eventually the wrestling moved over the edge of the original 4 x 4 and MARCIE tumbled into the new area.

DSC_0219 extension 2

FRANKLIN then made the big step.

DSC_0220 extension 3

SCHROEDER joined his brothers and sisters .  .  . but VIOLET preferred to stay in the litter box and think about this big change. . .

DSC_0222 extension 4 but she eventually joined everyone. then i got in and joined them all. surrounded by puppies . . . does life get any better?


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  1. Wow cant believe they are getting so big!!! They are so adorable!! Looks like they are having fun!!

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