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mitchell came to help me with the yard work today and i got to cut the grass along the driveway! when we took a break i brought SCHROEDER and FRANKLIN out to introduce them to grass. no leashes at this point, but in a week or so they will have to be on a leash when outside – they will be able to run faster than me – but for now they are not that quick.

SCHROEDER looks a little nervous . . .

DSC_0223 s-f outdoors 1

then climbs up higher on mitchell for a final snuggle . . .

DSC_0224 s-f outdoors 2

okay, ‘i think i can do this’ . . .

DSC_0228 s-f outdoors 4

‘just a little more’ . . .

DSC_0229 s-f outdoors 5

‘what a brave boy am i’

DSC_0231 s-f outdoors 6

meanwhile, FRANKLIN has been sitting on my lap watching his brother. he went over to see mitchell and his brother, but he is still not too sure about this thing called grass (notice his tail is only half up whereas SCHROEDER’s tail is high over his back).

DSC_0232 s-f outdoors 7

i took SCHROEDER back inside whereupon VIOLET, CHARLIE BROWN and LUCY came running over to check out the new smells that SCHROEDER brought in with him. when i went back outside to get FRANKLIN, it looked as if he had at least made peace with the grass.

DSC_0233 s-f outdoors 8

so many neat adventures to come for the babies!


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  1. so exciting!!!! cant wait to see more!!

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