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notice the tail positions when the puppies checked out something new in the following pictures. once they have decided the ‘new thing’ was okay, the tails came back up over their backs.

i brought CHARLIE and LUCY out on the lawn and set them down. CHARLIE was first to get up and explore.

DSC_0235 l-c outdoors 2

once CHARLIE was comfortable, he started to explore.

DSC_0234 l-c outdoors 1

then LUCY decided to explore.

DSC_0236 l-c outdoors 3

CHARLIE decided my shoes were very interesting.

DSC_0237 l-c outdoors 4

LUCY got really brave and walked away from her brother.

DSC_0242 l-c outdoors 5

CHARLIE found out it was fun to roll around in the grass while LUCY was more interested in getting back to the flowers.

DSC_0245 l-c outdoors 6

the babies sat quietly . . . it lasted about 20 seconds . . . and then they were off – in two different directions!

DSC_0247 l-c outdoors 7



  1. Great photos. We really like Lucy. Will you be at the show in Greensboro? If so, we would like to meet you there.

  2. They are so cute I love the way they are exploring!!!

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