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at 12:30 last night one’s little blog had it’s 3,000th view! i have so much fun doing this blog for her, i am thrilled that you are enjoying it as much as i do. puppies are so much fun. it is amazing how fast they grow and i love being able to share all of their growth and their experiences with you. just think, they were born just under 6 weeks ago and already they have teeth and are running around and playing with each other. my hope is that this blog brings a smile to your face at least once a day. everyone deserves a little ‘puppy love’ in their life!



  1. OMG it’s the Tibetan pancake ! Tully runs around like crazy outside then in one smooth move she’s flat on the grass hind legs behind her and her face planted flat in the grass, she looks just like Franklin in this pic ! Must be a Tibetan thing !

  2. It really does make my day!! It puts a smile on my face and i cant wait to show my kids all the blogs when they return from camp!!! Keep them coming!!! 🙂

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