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6 weeks old today!

nadine came over for her first visit with the puppies. we had a really nice visit, of course the stars of the visit were the puppies! i introduced her to PEPPERMINT PATTY first, who totally won nadine’s heart.


a little cuddling with nadine


and then a peek over nadine’s arm


and then one last moment with nadine.


next it was MARCIE’S turn on the table.


with a little work, nadine was able to get her to stand still for a picture.


VIOLET took some more work.


and when we put her down on the floor she went and ‘hid’ under the chair. her thinking is that if i don’t see you, you can’t see me!


last was LUCY who got right down to business.


everybody, including the boys, then went out to the porch. they played so hard that VIOLET and FRANKLIN laid down for a nap.



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