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a whole bunch of ‘have to’s’ for me today ending with an evening at the blandford club. also a couple from becket (the parents of one of the new owners) came to see the babies and tango (a 9 month old darla & dom baby) brought his ‘parents’ for a quick visit after a day on otis reservoir. got home about 11:30 tonight (big doings in the town of blandford!), walked coby, gave the puppies their last meal for the day and fed one. (PEPPERMINT PATTY, MARCIE and VIOLET will have to wait until tomorrow to go out on the grass.)

now that the puppies have teeth, they are eating regular puppy food that has been soaked only about 2 minutes in water (no more gruel!) just to make the food a little softer. they are doing really well; but, once they have eaten their fill, i put mom in the puppy pen and they chase her until they can corner her . . . mom’s milk is still their favorite. poor one being chased by 7 puppies with no chance for an escape – i feel so badly for her, but it is really funny to watch.

when i feed them i close the door to the puppy pen in the hopes that they will use the ‘litter box’ because it is so close. for the most part it seems to be working. there are very few messes. however, when they come out of the ‘litter box’ they somehow get the shredded paper wrapped around their necks or their tails and the paper ends up all over . . . and then they think it is okay to pee or poop wherever there is paper. i have to constantly pick up the loose pieces of paper and put them back in the ‘litter box’.

i try to put PEPPERMINT PATTY off to one side so she can get to her food and not really have to fight for it.

DSC_0265 puppies eating

speaking of PEPPERMINT PATTY, her test results for the pituitary growth hormone came back really low normal . . . vet has been away and we have to decide what tests to run next. i am thinking liver and thyroid tests are next; but, will get together with the vet on monday and figure out a plan. PATTY is just such a cutie.


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  1. I am so excited to meet the puppies!! My Mom and Dad coudn’t say enough about how adorable and amazing the puppies are!! 🙂

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