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absolutely beautiful day. kent and sue were planning on adding a girl to their family which includes two tt’s. so many photo ops today. LUCY had already been out on the grass, this was the first time for VIOLET, MARCIE and PEPPERMINT PATTY. all four first got a great big hug from sue.


MARCIE, VIOLET and LUCY stayed by sue . . .


while PEPPERMINT PATTY went off exploring . . .


and found a feather!


then PEPPERMINT PATTY got to try out sue’s harley. too bad the helmet was too large for her . . .


and MARCIE opted for a quick nap using sue’s boots as a pillow.


VIOLET thought sue’s boots made a better chew toy than a pillow.


VIOLET and PEPPERMINT PATTY get an extra hug from sue.


then PEPPERMINT PATTY works her wiles on kent . . .


and moves in a little closer . . .


and, finally, the kiss!DSC_0290

it worked! PEPPERMINT PATTY and one of her sisters will be going home with kent and sue in 5 weeks! such a lucky little girl.

sadly, kent and sue had to leave, but plans are made for their next visit. in the meantime, what a perfect day for a ‘bike ride’.



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