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be sure that you saw both postings for yesterday, just so many cute photos of the girls!

today it was ‘boys day out’. my friend carolyn’s granddaughter, rachel, came to see the puppies today. carolyn owns clark, an older brother to these babies and she wanted to show rachel how tiny clark was when he was this age.

CHARLIE BROWN looks like he is enjoying being held by rachel . . .


but then went over to say hello to carolyn.


SCHROEDER and FRANKLIN got to play with both carolyn and rachel. FRANKLIN loves to have his tummy rubbed.


SCHROEDER went back inside to play with his sisters . . . and PEPPERMINT PATTY joined her other two brothers outside. up until that point, the boys stayed pretty much in our area; however, once PEPPERMINT PATTY came outside, she led them all over! the girls, in general, seem much more adventuresome than the boys at this point. FRANKLIN sat still for this picture, but you can tell he is planning where he is going to go next.

rachel had a good time playing with the puppies and is looking forward to seeing them again over labor day weekend.




  1. They are growing so fast!!! They are the most adorable pups in the world!!!

  2. I’ve loved seeing the photos from yesterday and today!!!! They are all so cute!

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