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each day from now on i will try to take one of the puppies on an ‘adventure’. VIOLET started the adventures off by a visit to the porter memorial library here in town. VIOLET did really well for her first ‘adventure’ out of my house. we saw my friend pat there.


i put VIOLET down on the floor and she was fascinated with my shoelaces.


then she ran over to the stacks and checked out the audiobooks.


pat came back to the house and said hello to all of the puppies. they all came running over saying ‘pick me up, pick me up’. of course, PEPPERMINT PATTY was the first one to get a hug.


then pat picked up MARCIE (who now has a new name . . . MANGO) and i picked up SCHROEDER and we went back out on the porch for a bite to eat and to watch the puppies play. MARCIE/MANGO chased SCHROEDER, then SCHROEDER chased MARCIE/MANGO, then MARCIE/MANGO chased SCHROEDER, then . . . .  it’s hard to eat when you are laughing so hard you are crying. after all that running around, they both went under the lower shelf of the potting tables and took a quick nap.


after their nap, they started all over again. after a while we put MARCIE/MANGO back into the puppy pen and brought out LUCY and CHARLIE BROWN. LUCY chased CHARLIE BROWN, CHARLIE BROWN chased LUCY, and so on. when it was time for pat to leave, we put them back . . . and there were SCHROEDER and MARCIE/MANGO sound asleep!



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  1. Busy!! Busy!! love the new adventures!! Can’t wait to see more!!! 🙂

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