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busy day again – mitchell is going to be on vacation all next week so came an extra day this week to help me work on the yard. got done about 4:00, brought the puppy wash in, fed the dogs and then off to the library for a quick ‘adventure’ for LUCY.

here’s LUCY up on the counter saying hello to our part-time librarian, dan. another dog came into the library with her owner, so we stayed up on the counter until that dog left (blandford really is a dog friendly town!).


once the other dog left, i put LUCY down on the floor. the floor there is slippery and cold – something different. at first she sat down and found that if she used her front feet she could slid her butt backwards across the floor. eventually, she got up and started walking around between the stacks. she felt pretty secure – her tail is almost all of the way up.


but liked hiding under a table.


overall, LUCY did very well for her first car ride and first ‘adventure’.


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  1. Lucy is so cute — even when looking somewhat serious. Her side and upward glances in these pics remind me SO much of her uncle Georgie!

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