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7 weeks old today! babies are getting soooooo big!

CHARLIE BROWN went to sheepgate, a shop down the road that sells sheepskins, sheepskin slippers and items made by new england artisans. there, he met maureen, the owner.


maureen’s husband, bob, stopped in to say hi. amazing, all of the little ones in this litter do not mind being held like this – usually at least one of the puppies fights being on its back.


such a beautiful day outside, maureen, CHARLIE BROWN and i sat outside the shop on the steps. maureen had a ball in the shop and suggested that i bring it out for CHARLIE BROWN to play with . . . and he did. first he tried to pick it up and finally was able to do it by biting into the stitching on the ball.


then he discovered he could push it around using his nose . . . and i was up and running to make sure he did not follow the ball if it fell off the porch. next time he goes there it is on a leash!


all that running around . . . time for a break.


CHARLIE BROWN did really well today. his tail was up after the first few minutes and he had a good time exploring! definitely using a leash the next time he visits maureen.


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