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jane and michael, their two children eva and reece and jane’s mom, carol, came to visit the puppies. such a gorgeous day we sat outside . . . actually we didn’t sit. puppies are real brave and we all got a work out chasing after them.

eva and carol spend a quiet moment with FRANKLIN . . . the quiet didn’t last.


reece and SCHROEDER have a quiet moment also . . . the rest of the time reece was busy chasing after SCHROEDER who found all kinds of mischief to get into.



michael and reece try to pet SCHROEDER, who has decided he wants to play with his brothers.


CHARLIE BROWN and FRANKLIN took off and jane had her hands full bringing them back. if you look closely at the bottom of the picture you can just barely see SCHROEDER at jane’s feet – he was afraid he was going to miss out on something and came over the see what was happening.


just like children when they get a nice toy and they spend all of their time playing with the box the toy came in. FRANKLIN thinks the cardboard roll from paper towels is more fun than the toy we brought outside for the boys to play with.


soon he was joined by CHARLIE BROWN and SCHROEDER, but SCHROEDER took off and reece had to chase him. by the end of the visit i was left with two pieces of soggy cardboard.


the puppies discovered the forsythia bush. we lost SCHROEDER for a few minutes and we all went looking . . . all of sudden out he popped from the forsythia. then all of the boys would run and explore under it. jane and reece had to retrieve them more than once. FRANKLIN looks like he wants to get down and continue exploring


the boys had a lot of fun and really enjoyed their visitors . . . they also drank a lot of water (playing is hard work) and pee’d a lot. the girls stayed inside (tomorrow is their day for visitors) and every now and then we could hear them crying – they wanted to come out and play too. mom also stayed inside and every now and then we would hear her barking . . . she was happy when the boys came back inside and she had checked them out to make sure they were okay. she’s a good mom.


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