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laura, robert and their son robert came to see the puppies today. they had to make a decision as to which puppy would be going home with them after labor day. LUCY and VIOLET came out to play.

robert sat down and held the two girls with a little help from mom.


VIOLET was more interested in what LUCY was doing than in being held by laura.


dad got a chance to hold LUCY under robert’s watchful eye. LUCY loves to have her tummy rubbed.


in the end, the decision was unanimous . . . LUCY will be going home with them in four weeks!


before they left, just for fun, we brought out CHARLIE BROWN. at first the girls played with CHARLIE BROWN, but then he went out in the driveway searching for rocks. when he got tired of that he grabbed robert’s flip-flop and ran under the forsythia bush so we couldn’t take it away from him and he wouldn’t come out.


if you look closely you can just about make him out. the blue stripe in there is the sole of the flip-flop. it took both laura and me a couple of minutes to get him out – he was having too much fun playing with his new ‘chew toy’.


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