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yesterday went for a quick trip up to northampton for some shopping and sushi and then, after feeding puppies when i got home, i took a nap – until 9 p.m. the puppies older half-sister is in shows in west springfield this week (wednesday through sunday). sunday night i was up until 2 a.m. getting out matts and was just totally exhausted on monday. last night miss molly was given a bath and ‘show groomed’ and this morning i met her handler at the blandford rest area on mass pike. i’m keeping my fingers crossed – miss molly could be an akc GRAND champion if she can win big enough this week. will try to post twice today to make up for the missing day. but, in the meantime . . .

jane and her father, don, and her son, reece, came by to see the puppies one more time before going back home to long island. puppies were even more daring today. i put a harness with a long leash on SCHROEDER to see how he would react. he kind of took it in stride; however . . . FRANKLIN and CHARLIE BROWN had to investigate and . . .


they decided the leash would be perfect for a tug of war with poor little SCHROEDER at the other end.


eventually the boys decided the leash was a great thing to chew. reece tried to console SCHROEDER.


when the harness came off after a few minutes the boys were off and running. jane and reece did an excellent job of retrieving puppies from under the forsythia bush and getting the driveway stones out of their mouths.

jane’s dad, don, held SCHROEDER during a (very) brief quiet moment . . .


and jane and reece held FRANKLIN and SCHROEDER – but not for long, SCHROEDER was more interested in the mischief that CHARLIE BROWN was getting into and FRANKLIN was ready to take off after SCHROEDER.




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