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finally got a moment to take a breath and post again for today. with 7 puppies, definitely had to go to the dump this evening. MANGO/MARCIE met mike – a town health commissioner whose duties include overseeing the town transfer station/dump. michael’s wife breeds mini aussies, so he knows all about young puppies.


then gordon, one of the workers there, was holding MANGO/MARCIE and who did we meet, but our vet, hazel, who had to come over and say hello. puppies are going on friday to hazel’s office for their ‘well-baby’ visit and their first shots.


MARCIE/MANGO has definitely found a friend in gordon.


from the dump we went to the library to attend the blandford garden club monthly meeting. pat just had to hold MANGO/MARCIE . . .


until MANGO/MARCIE decided she wanted to get down and explore. i brought a leash so i would not have to get up and chase her all over the library (am saving that for her next visit there).


my friend, mary, stopped into the library after the garden club meeting was over. one of the many hats she wears is for being the blandford reporter for our local area weekly newspaper. she had just been covering a meeting at the blandford volunteer fire department where all of the volunteers decided to submit their resignations in support of their chief. don’t you just love local politics? the story also made the 11 o’clock news on the springfield nbc tv station. mary really needed a few minutes of puppy love. MANGO/MARCIE was happy to oblige. can’t wait to see what happens here next. hope there are no fires or medical emergencies in town . . . .



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