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and it is OLIVER!

charlie, owen, jacqueline and mark came to day to visit with the puppies and pick their new puppy. another gorgeous day here so we all went outside.


mark got to hold OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN first while jacqueline watched.


FRANKLIN was fascinated with jacqueline’s earring . . . while OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN went off in search of the perfect stone in the driveway.


mark was fascinated with the way the boys would ‘play’ – wrestling, growling, yelping, biting, pulling, escaping, chasing – then running off together to hide under the forsythia bush with owen and charlie in hot pursuit.


when out and about or at a dog show with one of my guys, i always bring a sport bottle of water along. just makes things so much easier when the dogs need a drink. charlie thought she would try using the bottle to give the boys water. it didn’t take them long to figure out how to get a drink . . . of course after their thirst was quenched, they thought it was great fun to chew on the cap of the water bottle.


FRANKLIN still likes using a bowl for his water . . . after he drinks his fill he ‘digs’ the water out and then walks off with the bowl.


OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN discovered charlie’s flip-flop while FRANKLIN makes plans to take it away from him.


even though there is another flip-flop right there, SCHROEDER tries to take the one that OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN has,  while FRANKLIN is still waiting to make his move.


FRANKLIN finally joins in!


before they left, owen was able to give OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN a hug.


this is a picture that jacqueline took during their first visit to see the puppies . . . i think from that moment on it was always going to be OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN.

oliver-charlie brown

funny how it works – the puppies really pick their new families. OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN definitely picked his family . . . and will be leaving in 3 weeks for his new home . . .

and SCHROEDER picked his new family yesterday. SCHROEDER will be going home with jane, michael, eva and reece!


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  1. Thank you so much for our visit yesterday. It was so great to see all the puppies!!!! Halfway home Charlotte said “I miss my puppy already!” We can’t wait to take Oliver home and make him part of our family! Three weeks is going to seem like forever!

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