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the puppies’ older half-sister is in 5 shows this week and i really wanted to see her in the ring today. so fed babies, weeded for 1/2 hour (the grass in the lawns/fields continues to grow) then off to west springfield for today’s show. miss molly showed like the champion she is and won best of opposite’ for a 5 point major! if she does the same thing tomorrow, she could be an akc GRAND champion on saturday – my fingers are crossed for luck. plan was to take KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY to the library and sheepgate after the show . . . but got home just in time to feed the babies again. then off to the market in otis to drop off herbs and tomatoes for them to sell. i only make about $15 a week during the summer – does that make me a ‘professional farmer”? i use this money in the spring to buy . . . more herb/tomato plants and some perennials. back again to feed the big dogs, babies and kitties. sometimes life just gets in the way. will try to take KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY on her adventure on saturday if the show doesn’t get in the way. should have some really good pictures tomorrow – they are scheduled for their ‘well baby’ vet visit which is always fun. i take them in two vari-kennels (hard plastic crates) and they literally scream the whole way there – better than a siren, all i need are flashing red or blue lights.


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  1. So happy to hear of molly’s winnings!!!! Thats terrific!!! 🙂

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