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they must have heard me at the blandford animal hospital when i left with the puppies for their appointment – all i needed were flashing blue/red lights and traffic would have parted. the babies were not happy and definitely let me know. the boys were all together in green crate and the girls were in the pink one. that’s SCHROEDER sitting next to FRANKLIN and OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN is standing behind SCHROEDER. that’s VIOLET, LUCY and KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY in the pink crate (MANGO/MARCIE is hiding in the back).


OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN was examined first by dr. hazel holman with SCHROEDER overseeing.


not sure who this is (they all have white tummies) but could be SCHROEDER. the kiss did not work – he still got the distemper vaccination.


i can’t see enough of the puppies to see who they are, but FRANKLIN and one of his sisters are really interested in what hazel is doing while two of the girls are fascinated with hazel’s shoe laces.


jen, hazel’s vet tech, came in to assist with ???


KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY and FRANKLIN really got down to business with hazel’s shoe laces.


FRANKLIN’S expression just says exactly what he is thinking.


while KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY is being examined OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN, FRANKIN and MARCIE (??) work some more on hazel’s shoe laces while VIOLET takes a little rest.


hazel breeds labrador retrievers and jen breeds basset hounds so they are used to litters playing, but they were amazed at how precocious tibetan terrier puppies are. these guys were just into everything. they acclimated really fast to the new environment and it wasn’t long before they were running all around with tails up. one of the puppies pulled the wire out of the scale so nobody could get weighed until we realized what had happened. 6 of them waited until they were on the floor in the examining room to pee and poop. there were two puppy wrestling matches complete with growling and barking. only one cried when getting the shot. hazel didn’t even try to tie her shoes until we were all done and everyone was back in the crates. KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY had more blood drawn for a thyroid panel and liver function studies. MANGO/MARCIE and OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN had blood drawn for the lab in michigan so they can add KIWIPEPPERMINT PATTY’S normal littermate values to their data base on genetic studies. more noise on the drive home. now everyone is asleep and they look so angelic – hard to believe these are the same puppies from just 1/2 hour ago.

p.s./miss molly went best of opposite at the show today . . . if she can do it again tomorrow she will have met all of the requirements and be an akc GRAND champion. my fingers are crossed.

p.p.s./oh no – on the way home i noticed that some leaves on one of my maple trees leaves have already turned color – IT’S ONLY AUGUST!



  1. Sounds like how reece is when he gets his check up!!! lol!!! They are so delicious!!!!! Great news about molly!!!

  2. Good luck with Miss Molly!!!

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