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oh my, where does the day go? went to the dog show today to watch miss molly. she got points today, but not enough – so in again for tomorrow, hopefully then. she still needs 2 points, we’ll see if her handler, mark, can work his magic.

dane, cindy and their two children came to visit the puppies today. jillian and nathan were playing with VIOLET’s favorite toy – the cardboard from a roll of paper towels. she was a little timid at first, but warmed up really fast and really enjoyed all of the attention. there is just something special about kids and dogs.


dad, dane, showed nathan how to hold a puppy. such a sweet little girl. nathan did a good job. will try to give VIOLET lots of ‘adventures’ so she can get used to different people and places and build a little bit more confidence, although today she did very well and had a great time with her visitors.


maybe KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY will be able to have her ‘adventure’ tomorrow. maybe the lawn/fields will be able to be mowed. maybe some of the garden weeds will be pulled. maybe not. . . .


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