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first, in three weeks VIOLET will be going to her new home with dane, cindy, jillian and nathan! such a perfect little girl for them. she had such a good time with her new family yesterday and really enjoyed playing with jillian and nathan.

other good news – miss molly got her final 2 points and is now an AKC GRAND CHAMPION. unfortunately i don’t have any pictures to share as when she is out with mark i have to stay at least one ring away from her so that i don’t distract her. will have to wait for the official photograph.

not so good news, the belt on the mowing deck for my tractor finally broke . . . grass will get to grow some more. oh well, winter is coming and soon the fields will be covered with snow.

puppies are doing well. they spent the day in their puppy pen with mom listening to the 500 sound effects, which now are quite loud. will try to take some pictures to share later – but right now am going to take a tylenol and relax for a few minutes.



  1. First, congrats to Miss Molly on her grand champ win. She is such a doll. And of course the babies are getting so big, I can’t get used to them being that old . Can’t wait to see them soon

  2. Congratulations to you and Miss Molly!

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