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connie began showing and breeding tibetans about the same time i did and we have been friends ever since. she and her daughter, traci, have been following one’s blog and came to meet the babies. the grass was still a little damp and babies are starting to run just too fast to bring them all outside at once – so we sat out on the porch. just too funny, they did not slow down for a second, running every which way.

connie and traci immediately sat down on the floor to say hello to the puppies. of course the first one to be picked up was KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY.


not to be outdone by her sister, MANGO/MARCIE went over to say hello to connie while FRANKLIN was more interested in connie’s toes.


a good hug . . .


deserves to big kiss!


puppies have gotten soooo big. FRANKLIN is having trouble getting under the shelf after OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN while VIOLET is watching the whole endeavor. he eventually was able to do it and did it several times . . . he did get stuck under there once though and i had to help him get out.


connie and traci were here about an hour and a half – and couldn’t stop laughing at the puppies antics. the puppies destroyed another paper towel cardboard roll, played keep-away with the little stuffed spider, pretty much ignored the ball, stopped every now and then for a hug, and then went back to running and playing and chasing each other.

before connie and traci left, connie had to give KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY one more hug . . .


and traci had a goodbye hug for VIOLET.


now i have to go wake them all up for their dinner.


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