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jayne and jon and their children, andrew and chloe came to meet FRANKLIN. the grass was a little wet from last night’s rain and i wanted to be able to bring everyone out of the puppy pen so they could meet all of the puppies. at this point the puppies are so fast and so much braver, just figured it would be best to play with them on the porch. chloe and andrew sat on the porch swing with FRANKLIN.


chloe’s smile got bigger . . .


and bigger!


FRANKLIN liked all of the attention and was very content to sit there and be held.

i brought out the other puppies and chaos ensued. jon was able to get FRANKLIN to take a break from chasing KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY (not to worry, half of the time KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY chased FRANKLIN and when she got tired of the game, she ran under the shelf where FRANKLIN had trouble going after her).


i don’t know what it is about flip-flops and this litter, but the puppies absolutely love them. somebody was able to take jayne’s flip-flop off and then ran around playing with it. what you don’t see in this picture is jayne’s flip-flop underneath all of the puppies . . . FRANKLIN, OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN and LUCY were trying to pick it up off the floor and claim it for their own. i forget who got away with it, but the others joined in the chase. when we finally took it away from them before it was totally destroyed, the puppies started playing the same ‘keep away’ game with the stuffed spider toy and the cardboard rolls from toilet paper.


the decision was made, FRANKLIN will be going to live with jayne, jon, andrew and chloe in 2-1/2 weeks. chloe looked she was real happy to have a younger ‘brother’, but i think andrew was thinking more about how he would have to keep all of his toys picked up and put away, especially when i told him that ‘if it’s on the floor, it belongs to the dog!’

jayne just had to give FRANKLIN a final hug before she left.



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