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such a busy time here the past week or so between puppies, dog shows, visitors and life in general, it finally all caught up with me yesterday. got up, fed the babies and dogs, then mitch came to work on the yard . . . so i told him what had to be done, paid him and then went in for a nap . . . until 7 p.m. way too much excitement for a little old lady!

woke up this morning totally refreshed. KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY’s two blood tests (thyroid panel and liver function) both came back normal. her new family is coming to visit her and MANGO/MARCIE this weekend, but still wanted to give her a little adventure.

off we went to the library. first she said hello to cindy, one of the librarians.


then we put her down on the floor. it figures, the littlest one is the bravest! she showed no fear and quickly ran all over the library checking it out, getting under everyone’s feet. she was over by the children’s section and i just couldn’t help but take advantage of this photo op.


her tail is down, but not because she is afraid, more like she just doesn’t know what to make of this thing she is sitting in.


back up on the counter to see janet, the head librarian.


then she said hi to pamela, another librarian. pam showed her the dvd of ‘james and the giant peach’ . . .


but KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY was more interested in ‘now, voyager’, which just happens to be ‘one’s’ akc name (gamine now voyager).


yup, that’s the movie she wants!


such a cutie – absolutely no fear!


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