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first we stopped at the post office to see if miss molly’s official show picture came in . . . it didn’t, but rachel fell totally in love with LUCY.


then it was off to the dump. when i said i needed a picture, both vernon and tim were ready to take her, but mike reached out and got her first.


we stopped at the library so i could return a dvd i had taken out. amazing the difference between LUCY’s first visit there and today. her tail was up and she was busy exploring when i took the leash off. she did take a little break though.


she also found a book she was interested in.


we made a quick stop to say hi to maureen at sheepgate. after a few moments she started to walk around with her tail up.


LUCY has a lot more self-confidence and did really well today. so much growth, i was really proud of her. when we got home i put her down and she ran right into my bedroom and went over to her mom. brothers and sisters were happy to see her back and came over to check out all of the new smells on her. big doings in blandford this weekend. the blandford fair is on, complete with fiddlers, livestock exhibits, tractor pulls and demolition derbies. i volunteered to help park cars to benefit the white church which is owned by the blandford historical society. have to be there between 2 and 5 – hope the rain holds off. have just enough time to feed the babies their lunch and change . . . .


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