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but first, have to show you where MANGO/MARCIE sleeps. she heard me lift up the top of the puppy pen and woke up, but then put her head back down and went right back to sleep.


spent yesterday trying to get caught up with things around the house after a busy weekend. before i knew it, the day was over.

SCHROEDER has a new trick – trying to jump out of the puppy pen extension. i can’t believe no one has figured out they could climb out when the top is not on.

OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN went to the library. i held him on the counter until he got acclimated – after about 30 seconds he had had enough of looking around and wanted to get down. tail up, he ran into every nook and corner of the library and greeted everyone who came in. this is garret and beth – OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN really liked garret’s shoe laces.


guin was helping john look something up. OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN had been helping them, but decided guin had it under control so he was off . . .


and went to say hello to heidi, guin’s mom.


when everybody had left, dan, the librarian, and i were kept busy chasing after OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN who has discovered electric cords and dan’s toes, both of which were apparently things to be considered for chewing. after about 1 hour at the library, i think OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN was finally ready to leave. he said goodbye to dan and picked up his leash . . . .


OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN did really well at the library this evening, his tail went up after the 30 seconds on the counter and never went down. he ran up to the people and was curious about the whole library. he just never stopped running around.


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