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but first, sue and kent sent some pictures from their last visit. sue is holding MANGO/MARCIE and KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY right after they had had their feet and tummies washed. then everyone else had their feet and tummies washed. none of them seemed to mind and while no one really objected to the water, i don’t think it was their favorite thing to do.


then KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY had to pose for kent.


and just once more. most definitely daddy’s girl.


not much doing in blandford on wednesdays – library, sheepgate, vet’s office all closed. today, everything is open.

we started off at the vet’s office. in keeping with my general philosophy regarding healthcare, ‘if you don’t need it, why do it’, i don’t automatically worm my babies. so, instead of spending 50 cents per puppy for the medicine, i end up spending about $50 per puppy to have each of their poops sent to a lab to be analyzed (a copy of the lab report accompanies each puppy when they leave here). my thinking is that if even one of the puppies test positive, then i will worm them all – if not, then why do it???? so far i have never had a litter test positive.  i have been able to collect poops from 6 of the puppies (still need LUCY’s). anyway, MAZIE/VIOLET started her adventure off at the vet’s office where we saw robin and dropped off MANGO/MARCIE’s poop for testing. she looks so big in this picture.


then we were off for a visit at the library. she still takes a few minutes to get acclimated, so we sat on the counter for a bit and said hello to pamela.


when she was comfortable, i put her down on the floor. she actually went around exploring with her tail up! but every now and then she would still rest for a little while under something.


MAZIE/VIOLET definitely found a friend in pamela who got down on her hands and knees to play with her. MAZIE/VIOLET was curious . . .


but, she thought it was really neat when pamela laid down on the floor and didn’t seem all that big.


our final stop was at sheepgate, where MAZIE/VIOLET felt really comfortable and enjoyed exploring while maureen was watching over her. while busy checking out the plants her tail was a little down, but it came right back up after i took the picture.


maureen’s husband, bob, came over to the store to stand in for maureen when she had to leave for an hour. it looks like MAZIE/VIOLET wants to get back down and continue exploring. such a sweet little girl, it’s nice to see her get a little more self-confidence.



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