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usually by now the puppies have pretty much designated the litter box as their place to pee and poop and discreetly will go into it, take care of business and then join the others to play. the thinking is that by getting them used to one spot with newspaper for ‘business’ they will leave here paper trained and easier to housebreak. this litter for some reason has decided to forgo the litter box and use the puppy pen extension instead. so, thinking that maybe they would go in the litter box if it was moved over to the extension i rearranged the set up. don’t think it is going to work . . . within minutes this is what happened!









they have essentially taken all of the paper out of the box while OSCAR/CHARLIE BROWN – who used to use the litter box – uses the area outside of the box. hopefully my washing machine will make it through this coming week.


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    • Sue & Kent....Gunner & Dozer
    • Posted September 7, 2013 at 3:15 pm
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    Carol…I expect my pups fully trained by next week….hahaha……

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