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school is now in session here so mitchell comes to help me out on saturdays instead of wednesdays . . . and there goes the regular saturday errands and ‘adventures’. the belt on my lawn tractor has finally been replaced and i was able to get some ‘haying’ (the grass at this stage is way beyond mere mowing) done after puppies and dogs were taken care of while mitchell worked hard outside. at the end of the day mitchell came in to say goodbye to the puppies – he won’t see them next week because they will be leaving for their new homes!

FRANKLIN, MANGO/MARCIE and KIWI/PEPPERMINT PATTY (who just has to be in on everything) came over to say hello-goodbye to mitchell while MAZIE/VIOLET was jumping up to get mitchell’s attention! whatever happened to my shy little girl?


hard to believe how big these babies have gotten, of course FRANKLIN remains the biggest! but such a gentle giant. you can’t really see it in this picture (although you can kind of get a hint of it), but his hair underneath all of that brown and black is actually coming in a beautiful pale red.



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