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have been really, really busy with puppies, poop, a visit from my son, poop, two evening appointments for me, poop, getting things ready for the puppies to leave and more . . . . . . poop.

on september 11th, FRANKLIN went for a quick last adventure here and went to say goodbye to heather at the post office. it was so hot out that heather gave FRANKLIN some water. he wasn’t thirsty . . .


still not thirsty!


then on september 12th it was a trip to the ny/ct line on i-84 where we met up with jayne and sue.


FRANKLIN snuggled right up to jayne.DSC_0040

the really good thing about this meeting place is that there is a nice pet store in the shopping center. we went inside to fit FRANKLIN for his harness and a collar. typical male, shopping is definitely not his thing; however, jayne found lots of things to get for him.


still not interested . . . .


shopping finally finished, it’s in the car and ready to go to his new home in pennsylvania. he did well on the long trip there and sat comfortably on sue’s lap. when he got home chloe and andrew were excited to have him there. a little tentative at first, but when andrew brought out all of the tp/paper towel rolls he had been saving up for FRANKLIN, FRANKLIN decided his new home was going to be fun after all.

then later on the 12th LUCY had her final adventure at the library. we went to say goodbye to dan, the librarian. she was up on the counter and started fussing right away, so i put her down on the floor . . . and she was off. i took lots of pictures which totally missed her or just got her butt. her feet hit the floor and with tail up, she was off and running. did manage to catch her in a very brief moment of quiet.


then today robert and family friend lisa came to pick LUCY up and bring her to her new home with robert, laura and young robert.


after going over all of the information, it was into the car and the drive to the bronx. lisa had puppy duty for the trip.


LUCY was busy checking out the car.


she looked a little sad once the window was closed, but she is going to have a lot of fun with her new family.


then later today kent and sue came to pick up MANGO and KIWI. things went really well when sue put harnesses on the girls. when she tried to walk them out to the car, not so much.


sue almost has them going in the same direction.


then MANGO got her leash wrapped around sue’s legs.


sue finally picked up KIWI. MANGO had other ideas and wrapped the leash around sue’s leg going the other way.


finally sue picked both of them up and got into the backseat of the car.

DSC_0059haven’t heard yet how the ride to their new home went . . . .

tomorrow SCHROEDER and OLIVER leave. and then there will be one. MAZIE will be leaving sunday. my house seems empty already.


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