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first to go today was OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN. charlie took OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN outside to walk around and to get used to his new harness while jane and i went over all of the paperwork inside on the porch.


then jacqueline and quincy joined charlie outside.


mark got a chance to sit with OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN . . .DSC_0062A

but, not for long. jacqueline soon had to give OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN a hug.


paperwork all taken care of, OLIVER/CHARLIE BROWN was off to his new home.


but first a final check by mark while jacqueline watches.


then it was SCHROEDER’s turn. SCHROEDER had a lot of fun chasing after reece on the porch. jane is going to have her hands full with her two boys!


jane and reece sat in the ‘way back’ with SCHROEDER while michael drove and eva sat in the front seat. SCHROEDER pee’d just before getting in the car – hope he was able to make it all of the way to long island before he has to go again. because of all of the ‘adventures’ the puppies have had up here, they usually settle down in the car . . . hope so for michael’s sake!


i felt sorry for MAZIE/VIOLET who is now all alone in the giant puppy pen. so off we went on a quick ‘adventure’ to sheepgate. i took a picture of denise, a friend of maureen’s who had stopped in to say hello to her . . . unfortunately somehow the automatic focus on my camera slipped and when i checked the screen my ‘senior eyes’ didn’t see how out of focus the picture was. did want to include it tho’, especially when our next stop was the library which had closed for the day a 1/2 hour earlier. DSC_0068

then it was back home. i put MAZIE/VIOLET back in the puppy pen when we got home. she looks so lost and forlorn . . . but tomorrow her new family is picking her up and she will start her new life!


i have grown very attached to this litter and i know exactly how MAZIE/VIOLET feels. it’s really quiet here now . . . .


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    • Sue & Kent....Gunner & Dozer
    • Posted September 14, 2013 at 10:37 pm
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    Kent & I feel lucky we got to visit often and loved all the puppies…..and wish them love happiness and lots of kisses from them to their new families and I look forward to seeing pictures on the blog as they grow up…..Peace……Kiwi & Mango……

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