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whatever happened to my shy, quiet little girl? i spoke too soon yesterday about it being quiet in my house. poor MAZIE/VIOLET was totally bereft. she missed her brothers and sisters so much . . . she cried and cried in the puppy pen and finally went to sleep at about 1 a.m., then she woke up crying at 8 this morning. i felt so badly for her. then she got really mad at me when i gave her a bath before leaving. when dane, cindy, jillian and nathan came to bring her home with them she was so happy to see them.

dane was busy adjusting MAZIE/VIOLET’s new collar while jillian supervised.


new collar all set with her new leash attached, jillian gave MAZIE/VIOLET a new rope toy they had gotten for her while dane, cindy and nathan watched to see if she liked it.


she liked it! she picked it up and started to run with it in her mouth with jillian hanging onto the leash.


finally it was time for everyone to get in the van. jillian and nathan look so very happy, MAZIE/VIOLET hasn’t made her mind up yet.


‘okay dad, i’m ready, let’s get this show on the road!’


aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, quiet once again reigns in blandford! no more puppy wars, no more sound effects in my bedroom, no more poop to clean up . . . no more puppies. (sigh) i miss them. maybe darla will go into season real soon and i can have more puppies before thanksgiving!


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  1. Thank you Carol for sharing your wonderful adventures in stewardship of your puppies.I loved the journey and learned a lot about what it take s to give puppies a safe and secure start . Your commitment is laudable. Best JL

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