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APRIL 5, 2014:

Before and after pic.
Another one bites the dust.  I tried.  I really tried but even getting in there and brushing he just kept matting. 


2014-04-05 A2014-04-05 B
While I miss my little fluffy fluff fluff boy, it’s hard to be too sad about his haircut because Fonzie just seems so happy with it!  Is it because he can actually SEE?Can he feel more when being pet?  Whatever it is…he’s happy! 

It will grow back, it will grow back…





DECEMBER 8, 2013:

We had so much fun playing with Fonzie in the snow today!!!

2013-12-08 A

2013-12-08 B

2013-12-08 C


fonzie lost a tooth yesterday, one of his canine’s (just looked it up). chloe caught him swishing it around his mouth trying to chew on it!  she washed it and has it in a little box for the tooth fairy!

he’s the best!  i seriously don’t know why anyone would want a breed other than a tibetan terrier.  we love him!


NOVEMBER 15, 2013:

jayne would like to know how house-breaking is going with fonzie’s litter mates – she writes ‘Things here are going well, but there’s no “almost” in potty training, ya know?  You either are or you aren’t and we still aren’t there.  If there was an “almost” I’ve been saying it for weeks!’

last month andrew had a birthday party and here are pictures from ‘the good night play session right before the kids went to bed.’

2013-11-15 B

2013-11-15 C

2013-11-15 D

2013-11-15 A

then yesterday. fonzie had a chance to go out in the backyard and explore.

2013-11-15 G

2013-11-15 F

2013-11-15 E


OCTOBER 29, 2013:

i got this note from jayne and just had to share it . . .

‘He is SO smart!!!  We placed a bell on the door knob and Fonzie has started to ring it to let us know when he wants to go out!!
Now if we can get him to ring it only when he NEEDS to go out for business we’ll be golden!!’


OCTOBER 21, 2013:

just got an update on fonzie! he weighs 16.7 lbs. he is going to be a big boy!  jayne wrote, ‘Gave Fonzie a bath and he’s a soft little fluffy fluff!!

2013-10-21 A

Everyone asks “Do they stay this soft?” Seriously, I think he gets cuter every day!  I truly do understand why they say its hard to have just one tibetan terrier.  Absolutely loving the breed 🙂

2013-10-21 B
Can’t you tell he’s looking for trouble??

2013-10-21 C

He likes to find these little nooks to rest in.’

2013-10-21 D


SEPTEMBER 30, 2013:

jayne sent more pictures today. i loved what she had to say . . . “As much as Fonzie still likes the whiffle ball, he now likes leaves the best.  He also likes rocks, sticks, grass and pinecones.  We do our best to not let him have them but the ‘ole switch-a-roo is not working as well as it did in the past.  Yes, he reallllly likes these things he isn’t supposed to have 🙂

2013-09-30 C

He came across a random feather in the yard and even after a week he is still not sure what to make of it.  It’s so funny to watch I just had to leave it there.
2013-09-30 B

I’ve attached some pics with today’s favorite leaf . . .

2013-09-30 D

and one where you can note the changes in his coloring.”

2013-09-30 A


SEPTEMBER 20, 2013:

franklin has a new name – fonzie! it’s perfect and totally fits his personality. here he is with chloe – just too cool!

2013-09-19 A

and sitting in his ‘toy basket’,

2013-09-19 C

but, andrew’s whiffle ball is best.

2013-09-19 D

and then a ‘moment’ of rest.

2013-09-19 B



    • Posted September 20, 2013 at 6:35 pm
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    Fonzie is a great name! So sweet of everyone to send Gramma Carol pics of new home., Connie

    • Sue & Kent....Mango & Kiwi
    • Posted November 24, 2013 at 2:25 pm
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    Know exactly what you mean on the house breaking….but times two……ughhhh….just when you think you got it…..

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