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july 2, 2016:

jane & mike & schroeder came to the berkshires to visit jane’s father in the next town over. while here, they made a point of bringing schroeder to blandford so he could spend some time with one (his mother) and molly (his half-sister). i swear one recognized her baby! all three got along great. they had a fantastic time – sniffing each other’s butts, running, chasing each other all around the kennel run with more sniffing of butts.

i tried to get some pictures . . . this is schroeder. hard to get a running tibetan in focus!


one and schroeder seemed to enjoy each other’s company . . .


and then he went off running with molly and jane picked one up and gave her big hug! at least i think she’s holding one in this picture, mother and daughter look exactly alike.


we tried to get a family portrait. mike tried to corral the three dogs . . .


jane jumped in to help him . . .


but, this as good as we could get.


in the blink of an eye all three took off and were back to the business of playing!

too soon it was time to leave. the girls were in a closed off area prior to being brought back inside and jane, mike & schroeder prepared to leave . . . but first a quick goodbye . . .


schroeder actually cried and wanted the fun to continue. the girls looked sad as he left the kennel run.

DSCF2202but then it was time to eat dinner and the girls ran back inside and schroeder hopped into his car. hopefully he (and jane and mike) will be able to make another visit before the summer ends.

june 28, 2016:

Today Schroeder is 3!! Can’t believe it!


FEBRUARY 20, 2015:
Here are two pics of Schroeder with Eva! She LOOOVES him more than the universe !!!!




APRIL 19, 2014:

the babies are almost all grown up! schroeder came by for a visit today and he brought reece and his mom and grandfather with him. one definitely recognized her baby. they circled and circled and then took off and ran all around the kennel runs. they were so fast that i really couldn’t get a picture of them doing this . . . lots of pictures of grass though. schroeder has grown into an absolutely beautiful young boy. he is now taller than his mom!

finally reece picked up one so we could get a picture.


then jane wanted to pick up both mom and son.


but the dogs just wanted to get down and run around some more.


finally reece stepped up and held schroeder so we could get a picture of mom and son together.


it was such a lovely visit. jane has promised to come back again when it is a little warmer outside. i am really looking forward to their next visit . . . and so is one. she had a great time today.




DECEMBER 14, 2013:

schroeder just keeps getting cuter with each picture!



OCTOBER 31, 2013:

happy halloween !



OCTOBER 20, 2013:

schroeder weighs 13.1 lbs.!

2013-10-20 A

you can see how big he is gotten in this picture.

2013-10-20 C

he really likes his tennis ball . . . .

2013-10-20 B


OCTOBER 5, 2013:

schroeder at 14 weeks. he just looks like ‘mr. cool’.

2013-10-05 A

eva has a new study partner . . .

2013-10-05 B

schroeder is a jets fan!

2013-10-05 C


SEPTEMBER 21, 2013:

schroeder and eva look so happy together . . .

2013-09-21 B

and so do schroeder and reece.

2013-09-21 C

such a cutie!

2013-09-21 Ai can’t believe how big he has gotten in just a week!


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